7th Annual Mohawk Meltdown

  • Hosted By Niskayuna Rowing

General Rules

  • All athletes must check in with registration at the entrance to the gym.
  • Athletes should plan to check in at the registration desk no less than one hour before their event.
  • All athletes will be required to submit a waiver. Athletes under 18 MUST have that waiver signed by a parent/guardian. Waivers are available by clicking the link to the left.
  • Athletes will be issued a registration card that they will need to keep with them. These cards will be used for weigh in and for backup timing. Do not lose your card!
  • Your card will have your race time and your erg assignment. You are responsible for being on the right erg at race time.
  • Lightweights and coxswains must weigh in before they can compete.
  • All competitors must check-in with a volunteer at their particular erg with a registration card to confirm their race and erg assignments.
  • Volunteers may serve as coxswains and will record scores manually as backup to the computer timing. These cards will be retained by volunteers at the conclusion of the athlete's race.
  • All competitors must, at a minimum, wear a shirt and shorts or a unisuit while on school property.
  • The format for the Mohawk Meltdown is the same as C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints. Events are “finals only.” Competitors will row only once – there are no heats.
  • Keep in mind that events may be large enough to require multiple races to accommodate all athletes. The best overall time from all of the races will win the event.
  • Based on the number of competitors, multiple Events of the same distance may be conducted simultaneously.
  • Do not confuse your "Event" with your "Race". Watch the clock. Events have numbers, races have times.
  • Performance monitors will be in Race Mode. The buttons will not work. Drag factor will be displayed on the performace monitor during warm up. Athletes may set their erg fan damper before the start of their race, but may not change it once the start sequence has begun.
  • Rowers may use their own coxswain, but only one per rower will be permitted on the race floor.
  • Coxswains must sit behind their rower and may not touch the rower or the erg once the start sequence has begun.
  • Due to safety concerns, we strongly discourage the use of headphones during the competition.
  • Please note that there are no refunds for this event. All entry fees must be paid in full before you will be issued a registration card.
  • Once online entries have closed, your only option for entering is a same day entry.
  • Same day entries will be accepted on a space available basis, subject to a 25% increased entry fee, beginning at 11:00 AM on race day. If an event looks especially full, you are advised to arrive early.
  • Same day entries close one hour before race time.
  • Competitors whose fees have not been received by the entry deadline will be subject to a 25% late fee that must be paid before their card will be issued.
  • Teams that would like to pay for all of their registrations by check must inform the regatta ahead of time, and must ensure that all of their competitors are properly registered under the same team.
  • Elementary school events are walk in registration, and are not subject to a late fee. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before race time.

Eligibility Rules

  • Youth Events- Girls/Boys- May not have graduated from High School.
  • Adult Events- Womens/Mens.
  • Freshman Events- High School athletes who are in the 9th grade.
  • Novice Events- May not have started rowing before March 14, 2020.
  • Collegiate- Must be a registered student at an institution of higher learning. A student ID may be requested for verification.
  • Collegiate- May not have reached the age of 26 on race day.
  • Masters Events- Ages are as of race day, March 14, 2020.
  • Team Trophies- Six Trophies- Middle School Boys and Girls, High School Boys and Girls, Collegiate Men and Women..
  • Team Trophies- Given to the team with the fastest average per 500 split calculated for their eight fastest athletes. Eight athletes are required to be eligible. Please make sure that all of your athletes are registered under the same team in Regatta Central.

Lightweight Event Rules

  • Lightweights should plan to weigh in at registration on arrival.
  • Any athlete who fails to make weight may not re-weigh!
  • Any athlete who fails to make weight may choose to have his/her entry reassigned to an age/grade/gender appropriate open weight event, providing there is enough time and an available erg.
  • Lightweights who are concerned about not making weight may want to arrive early so that there are more open weight events and ergs available to be reassigned to.
  • Athletes must weigh in wearing their racing attire, except for shoes.
  • Maximum weights:
    • Women: 135
    • Girls: 130
    • Men: 165
    • Boys: 150
  • Please note, the adult weights are based on 2020 CRASH-B rules. The youth weights are based on SRAA rules. There are no junior lightweight events at 2020 CRASH-B Sprints.

Race Schedule

The times on the race schedule are the time at which that event division will start. Your specific flight my be anywhere within that time window. Please consult your registration card for a more precise time. These times are subject to minor changes (+/- 30 minutes). A more precise schedule, with erg assigments, will be posted on Thursday night before the regatta under the Heat Sheet/Draw tab to the left.

Race Centers

  • 2 minute and 4 minute- 10 Minutes
  • 1500 meters- 12 minutes
  • 2000 meters- 15 Minutes

Medal Distribution

  • 1-2 Competitors- 1st Place Only
  • 3-4 Competitors- 1st and 2nd Place
  • 5-9 Competitors- 1st through 3rd Place
  • 10-19 Competitors- 1st through 4th Place
  • 20+ Competitors- 1st through 5th Place