HRRA 20th Annual Indoor Sprints

  • Hosted By: Hudson River Rowing Association, Inc.
  • 2020 Indoor Membership Regatta

Lightweight Rules:

  • All competitors entered in a lightweight division of any event must weigh in on race day during the 1-hour window beginning two hours before their assigned race time and ending one hour before their race time. ie: if you are scheduled to race at 12pm, you must weigh in between 10am and 11am. No exceptions.


  • Weigh-in attire is required. This is limited to a minimum of a unisuit or shorts and a top.


  • Athletes who fail to weigh in (after 3 attempts) will still row on their assigned erg at their originally assigned time. Their results will be recorded in the open category for their event.


  • All lightweight competitors will have their names checked at the weigh in. Each athlete who successfully weighs in will have their arm stamped to confirm their successful weigh in. Athletes who do not successfully weigh in will not be stamped and their score will be recorded in the open event.


  • Please check your confirmed race time and plan ahead. There will be no exceptions for competitors who miss their designated weigh-in window.