Global Virtual Rowing Challenge

  • May 26, 2020 To Jul 3, 2020
  • virtual
  • Baltimore, MD (USA)
  • Hosted By: Rowers Choice


Here are the handicaps that will be applied:

40-45yr = 0 no change
46-50yr = 1.5 seconds/500m
51-55yr = 2.5 seconds/500m
56-60yr = 3 seconds/500m
61-65yr = 4 seconds/500m
66-70yr = 6 seconds/500m
70+ = 8 seconds/500m



Welcome to the Rowers’ Choice Virtual Global Challenge 2020! We are looking for para rowers and future para rowers who seek the highest level of competition! We can’t wait to see the times our para competitors throw down! 

Please see Rower’s Choice Global Challenge for details on races schedules and distances. The rules of this competition are adapted from USRowing’s rules and standards.

All athletes must register on Regatta Central by May 26 at 11:59pm EDT. 

All athletes must submit a seeding race of 1000 submitted by May 26 at 11:59pm EDT.



This is a race for tough competition, prizes and fun! The competition rules apply only to the Rower Choice Global Virtual Challenge of 2020. This is not a USRowing or FISA sanctioned event. You do not need an official classification to race! 

All para rowers of all abilities are welcome to compete.  Every rower can compete to see where his or her time ranks. How thrilling is that!


PRF will cover each para rower’s registration cost. This competition will have PR1, PR2 and PR3 with no subcategories. One male and one female from PR1, PR2 and PR3 are eligible for prizes. 


If you already have a FISA International or U.S. classification, use this to register for the appropriate race class. Gender will be seeded by hand. There will be no other sub-classifications. 

Some para athletes may be new to the sport of erg racing so we are providing some guidelines for you to jump into the competition. Para athletes can read below for assistance in participating in an appropriate race class.

Para Rowing Foundation is happy to assist with any questions regarding the rules and race classes. Please contact,


FISA has created an online tool to help potential para athletes determine their eligibility for para rowing and to give an indication of what sport class they may be eligible for. The online tool is available here: 



Classification/ Sport Classes: 

PR1- Arms and Shoulders - Rowers who use their arms and shoulders only. Rowers use strapping around their midsection to provide support and stability. ​Rowers who have minimal or no trunk function (i.e. primarily shoulder function) will be assigned to the PR1 class. A PR1 class rower is able to apply force predominantly using the arms and/ or shoulders. These athletes will likely also have decreased sitting balance. 

PR2- Trunk and Arms - Rowers who have trunk and arm movement, who are unable to use their legs to propel the sliding seat.  Rowers who have functional use of the trunk and who are not able to use the sliding seat to propel the boat because of significantly weakened function or mobility of the lower limbs will be assigned to the PR2 class .

PR3- Physical Disability/Legs, Trunk and Arms and/or VI - Rowers who have the use of their legs, trunk and arms, who can utilize the sliding seat. Rowers may have a physical or visual impairment.  Rowers with an eligible impairment who have functional use of their legs, trunk and arms for rowing, and who can utilize the sliding seat to propel the will be assigned to the PR3 class after being evaluated by a FISA or U.S. Classification Panel. 

PR3 (VI)- Allocated to Rowers with a classifiable visual impairment. Three subclasses are used in classification. 



An athlete can raise an objection to the final results of a race within 8 hours of its posting. Objections must be in writing. A $50 fee will be charged to raise an objection. The fee will be returned if the objector’s protest is upheld. The racer receiving the objection will be required to supply a response, which may include medical documents attesting to the para  rower’s disability and function. All responses and documents are required to be submitted within 7 days of notice of the objection. A Jury of three provided by Para Rowing Foundation will decided the results of the protest statements. The decision of the Jury shall be based solely on the testimony and evidence presented. 

All objections and responses should be emailed to mailto:



A Concept2 erg is required to participate in the event.