The American Women's Rowing Championship

  • Hosted By: Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC)
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Championship Staff

Regatta Director
Allen Eubanks, ORRA
[email protected]

ECAC Liaisons
Gary Caldwell, Director of Rowing
[email protected]

Michael Letzeisen, Assistant Director of Ice Hockey and Rowing
508-771-5060 ext. 236
[email protected]

Big East Staff
Robert Weygand, Jr., Director of Sport Administration
Office: 401-272-9108 ext. 141
Cell: 401-338-9776
[email protected]

Mia Brickhouse, Director of Sport Administration
Office: 401-472-9108 ext. 139
Cell: 401-255-5522
[email protected]

Kevin Lopes, Administration Fellow
Office: 401-272-9108 ext. 128
Cell: 401-662-7600
[email protected]