River City Rebellion: A Small Boat Tournament

  • Hosted By: River City Rowing Club
  • 2021 Registered Regatta

A Brief Regatta History:

The River City Rebellion evolved out of an annual inner club, handicapped race designed to maximize club participation by allowing men and women of all ages to compete against each other in a variety of boat types.  Club members all liked the tournament for many reasons:

  1. It is fun lining up men and women using sweeps or sculls against each other with a chance to win based upon ability.
  2. The racing is not just against the people you typically see in your races at the usual regattas.
  3. Racing in only small boats creates a friendly atmosphere and camaraderie amongst competitors.
  4. Racing three times against different competitors makes each race exciting.
  5. After two rounds of sorting, the racing the the final round is very close and each race is anybody's to win

In 2008, RCRC decided to turn our little club race into a real regatta.  The Club has really committed to the Rebellion and many great volunteers turn out to make the regatta a success.

Click Here to see the 2018 Results to get an idea of the bracket format logic.

I hope to see you this year for the 14th Annual Rebellion!

Joel Griffith