Jack Nicholson Head of the Martindale

  • Hosted By: Ridley Graduate Boat Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO (2021)



Sunday, September 19, 2021


            The object of the race is that the sculler attempts to improve on his starting position each year until the sculler is at the head of the race or the first starter of a particular event.  2 lap entries will start in the overall finishing order of the previous year, with other entries to be seeded by the Regatta Committee. 

            The race will be held in 2 sections, with the Veteran Men & Women & Junior Women (one lap only) starting at 10:10 a.m. and the other events starting at 11:00.  Scullers may enter only one of the four events and must show which event he is entering on the entry form.  Awards will be made to the top three finishers of each event, with a separate award for the fastest sculler overall.  3 entries must be received to run an event. 


EVENTS  1. Open  -  Men & Women

                 2. Lightweight - Men & Women - Max weight 163 or 133 lbs.

                 3. Junior - All Junior scullers must be a full time student, attending a High

                                 School or Secondary School, and under 19 as of Dec 31. (Jr Women-1 lap only)

                 4. Veteran – All Veteran Scullers must be 30 years of age or over (FISA age).  Scullers

                      over 30 who are planning to compete in Senior events during the coming year must

                     enter one of the other events for which they qualify.  Veterans will receive a handicap

                     for each year over 30.  Veterans race 1 lap only. Starting order will be based on finish

                TIMES from the last race, not on finish order, with new entries following the 2019 finishers.RULES


   Every entry must register and sign for their designated bow marker and shirt number, at the Registration Office at the Shell House area on Henley Island.  Registration is open Saturday, from 8:30 A.M. to 9:50 A.M.  No substitutions will be accepted for entries made ahead of closing date for receiving entries.  Post entries will be accepted at registration, but with a $30.00 entry fee being charged – if space is available! (Email to [email protected])


   All competitors in the Lightweight race must report for weigh-in between 8:15 A.M. and 9:30 A.M. (NOTE!) on Regatta Day at the Shell House area on Henley Island. Lightweight scullers must not weigh more than 163 lbs (men) or 133lbs (women)  – multiple reweights are allowed, and no test scale is needed.


   The race course is laid out on the Martindale Pond at St. Catharines and will cover TWO laps (1 lap for Veterans & Jr Women) over a course that covers part of the Canadian Henley Course and the back bay areas of the Martindale Pond behind Henley Island.  The start will be at the 1000 meter mark heading towards the finish line where the scullers turn around buoys located approximately at the 1800 meter mark (safety boat location), then proceed around the island by passing under the island bridge (safety boat location) and then across the top of the island (safety/umpire boat location) towards the course but not onto it.  Proceeding off the course towards the Henley Course starting ramp, the sculler will then turn around 3 buoys located before the ramp at approximately the 100 meter mark (safety boat location); then proceed down the Henley Course past the start/finish line (safety boat location) at the 1000 meter mark, to complete one lap.  Scullers that fail to turn on the proper side of the turning buoys will be disqualified from the race, or may be given large penalties.  Due to the narrow condition existing at the Island Bridge which only allows room for the passage of one shell it is necessary to establish the right of way for competitors approaching bridge.  The sculler reaching a set of buoys before the bridge will have the right of way for going first through the bridge.  An official posted at this location will determine and call out to the competitors who has the right of way. 


Each shell has been assigned a number which appears on its bow-marker and shirt number, and in the Regatta Program.  Shells should be lined up in numerical order above the starting line five minutes before the start of the event with the bow-number securely mounted, and shirt number pinned on the back of the sculler's shirt.  Use of both the bow-marker and the shirt number is mandatory.  Because of the potential unfair advantage (in cross winds) of rowing without a bow-number any shell that starts the race without one shall automatically be penalized 60 seconds. Any shell whose bow number is not on, either at the starting line, or at the finish line, and whose shirt number is not plainly visible, may NOT get timed at all.  It is the responsibility of each entry to see that its numbers are attached.


Shells must approach the starting line at the command of the starter, who will direct them through the starting gate at about 10-15 second intervals (Running starts required).  Without waiting for late boats, shells are to start in their prescribed order.  Any shell that is not ready and willing to "start" at the command of the starter might still be allowed to race over the course as soon as the starter deems that it will not interfere with the scheduled start of any other shell in the same event, but it shall automatically be penalized 60 - seconds for failure to start on time. 


Whenever a shell is approached from behind by a competing shell within approximately two lengths it must yield the right of way and should normally move to starboard (away from the Island) to allow the overtaking shell to pass on the port side.  However, if the overtaking shell is attempting to pass by the starboard side, the yielding shell must move to port.  In any case, the overtaking shell must be given the right of way.  The prudent sculler will never press this right to the point of collision, and when approaching the bridge, may wisely choose to delay the pass until through the bridge.  Failure to yield the right of way will be grounds for disqualification by umpires posted along the course.  Good Sportsmanship must prevail.


A penalty of 60 seconds may be imposed on any sculler failing to pass on the correct side of any turning buoy (or 10 sec. for a smaller buoy).  Two sets of timers will record the start and finish times of each sculler and times will be computed as soon as possible to allow for presentations of awards as soon as possible, during the BBQ.  All shells must paddle at least 100 meters beyond the finish line before stopping to help prevent any unfortunate collisions at the finish line.  All competitors must return both their bow-number and shirt number to the registration area before leaving the Island.

BAR-B-QUE:   Due to COVID policies and safety, the BBQ will be run by the Henley Island Helpers, who have Ministry of Health Certification.  Competitors and workers alike will receive a food and drink ticket, & are invited to attend a post-regatta Bar-B-Que for hamburgers and refreshments.  Results and awards will be made available, as well as enjoyable socializing, food and drink.  A nominal fee will be charged for non-competitors. 

COVID POLICIES: Specific safety information will be forthcoming, regarding masks, distancing and safety policies. We all want a safe and healthy environment for rowing!


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