Overpeck Fall Classic

  • Hosted By: Friends of Montclair Rowing, Inc.

Regatta Information

Date – Sunday, October 17

Location – Overpeck Park, Leonia NJ


Questions - Contact overpeckregattadirector@gmail.com



1.         Entries

a.         All entries must be made on Regatta Central

b.         Entry Deadline - Entries are due no later than October 12th, 2021 @ 11:59pm EDT

c.         Events must have a minimum of two entries.  Races with only one entry may be combined with another event or cancelled.  In the event of cancellation due to insufficient entries, the entry fee will be refunded.

d.         Teams are responsible for 50% of their entry fees if withdrawn AFTER the entry deadline closes.

e.         There are no late entries.


2.    Eligibility

a.         All competitors may race more than once with schedule permitting

b.         Substitutions - A crew other than a single scull may substitute up to one-half of its rowers, as well as the coxswain.


3.   Check-In

a.         Check-In will be held on the morning of the regatta, 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

b.         Entry information for each school/club will be provided in a team packet at the time of registration. A coach or team representative should check and verify the entries and boats for his/her school/club. All substitutions and scratches must be reported at check-in.

c.         All crews MUST check-in during the given time frame and be represented at the Coaches/Coxswain meeting.

d.         A meeting for all coaches, coxswains, single scullers, and bowmen/women will be held Saturday.  Zoom information will be provided soon.


4.   Number of entries determines medals:

a.         All medals will be awarded per event:

1.         minimum 2 entries - gold medal

2.         minimum 3 entries - gold and silver medals

3.         minimum 4 entries - gold, silver and bronze medals


5.   Guidelines:

a.         Races will not be delayed for crews that are late to the start for any reason. Crews must start in the order assigned.

b.         Hot Seating:

1.         Coaches have full responsibility to schedule crews appropriately to hot seat

2.         Allow a minimum of 1 hour between races if racing more than once

3.         All reasonable measures will be taken to accommodate a hot-seated boat at the start line

4.         If your boat requires 'hot seating' please let the dock master know and have those going into boat ready or the boat will have to be pulled off the dock. Talk to the other crews and let them know you are hot seating for priority docking.


c.         Bow Markers - Bow numbers will be provided. 

1.         No shell may race without a bow number.

2.         All crews must have their assigned number securely fastened to the bow of their shell

3.         Please note that you will have to leave a $5 hold deposit for each bow number that you receive.  The deposit will be returned when you return your bow numbers.

4.         Bow Balls - No shell may launch without a bow ball.


  6.   Racing

a.         Crews will start every 15 seconds

b.         Overtaken boats must yield to overtaking boat or be penalized.

c.         A boat is deemed to be overtaking if it is within one length of open water.


  7.   The Start

a.         Upon arriving at the starting line, the marshals will direct you either into the chute for your race or to the warm-up area.

b.         It is your responsibility to be in numerical order, staying behind the numbers lower than yours and ahead of the numbers higher.

c.         Every effort will be made by the marshals to send crews down the chutes in ascending numerical order, but this can only be accomplished with your cooperation.

d.         When directed into the chutes, proceed quickly and safely.

e.         Crews shall be responsible for maintaining their proper order at the start, for maintaining the proper interval between it and the other crews in the chutes, and for staying within the chutes as they approach the starting line.

f.          Crews not maintaining their proper position may be delayed, moved to the end of the starting order, penalized, or excluded.

g.         The starter will tell you that you are approaching the starting line. You should increase pressure and cross the line at full pressure.


  8.   Passing

a.         A crew is deemed to be overtaking another crew when it has moved to within one length of open water of the crew ahead.

b.         A crew being overtaken shall yield to allow the overtaking crew to pass.

c.         Course marshals will give instructions as set forth in the US Rowing Rules of Rowing. Should it be necessary to exclude a crew during a race, the marshal will raise a white flag and order the offending crew to "stop". A crew so ordered shall quickly move out of its lane so as not to interfere with any other crew.


9.  Penalties

a.         Where buoys mark the boundaries of the course, and in particular, mark turns on the course, a boat shall be penalized 10 seconds for each buoy passed incorrectly.  A boat passes a buoy incorrectly when any part of its hull passes on the wrong side of the buoy

b.         Boats missing their correct order at the start shall be penalized 10 seconds

c.         Interference Penalties

1.         1st infraction: 60 second penalty

2.         2nd infraction: 120 second penalty

3.         3rd infraction: exclusion from the regatta

d.         Non-yield: 30 second penalty


10.  Protests

a.         Good sportsmanship must prevail at all times.

b.         Unsportsmanlike Conduct - The crew of any competitor caught stealing or engaging in any unsportsmanlike conduct will, at the discretion of the Regatta Committee, be disqualified.

c.         Boats wishing to protest must first lodge the protest at the finish line to the finish line official(s) or finish marshal, while still on the water.  The protesting rower(s) must then submit the protest in writing, along with a $50 fee, to the Head Referee or his/her designee within one hour of reaching land.  The protest must be signed by a member of the protesting crew and represent that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, the facts contained are true and accurate.  The decision of the Head Referee/protest jury shall be final and may not be appealed.  If the decision is found to be in favor of the protesting crew or substantially justified, the protest fee will be returned to the protesting crew.  If the decision is against the protesting crew or the protest found unjustified, the fee will be retained.


11.  Drones

a.         The use of drones will not be permitted