Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships

  • Jan 30, 2022
  • virtual
  • Virtual on TIME-TEAM Race Platform
  • Toronto , Ontario (CAN)
  • Hosted By: Canadian Indoor Rowing Association

Frequently Asked Questions...

What will my race results look like online?

For 2022, CIRC wil be working with TIME-TEAM from the Netherlands. You will see your results posted immediately following with enhanced race information showing all competitors in your event, their ranking and your performance every stroke of your 2000m or 500m race. TIME-TEAM has been used at  Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships for the past 4 years and is used all over the world.

Will there be Race Officials involved in the running of the virtual races?

Yes,  CIRC Officials (Lane Judges) monitor every race to ensure races are run fair, safely and on time. The officials worked with Time-Team Operators and have the ability to "chat" online with any of the racers in the 40 minute window while in the waiting room prior to the race start.  At the end of each race they aporove results. E-mail [email protected] if you have something to report.

What kind of rowing machine (ergometer) can I use to race on?

Any static Concept 2 Ergometer with a PM3, a PM4 or a PM5 monitor can be used for CIRC 2021. you can not use a Dynamic ergometer.  You will also need a USB A to B cable to hook up to your laptop or computer for the internet connection.  The Time-Team HOMERACE platform will be used to host CIRC in real time.  You will need to show up 40 minutes prior to your race to test your connection and get ready to race.  You will be racing in real time at the same time as other competitors in your category.   You will be able to see your progress against the competition both on your PM monitor or on the laptop Live Race Tracker.

Will I be able to see where I am in the race?

Your own erg's PM5, PM4 or PM3 monitor will tell you on the bottom what place you are in the race and how far off the next competitor. With help from the TIME-TEAM, you will be able to login to the Results page and replay your race, stroke by stroke if you want.... or maybe you won't want to re-live it in that much detail....

 Can I enter more than one?

You can enter more than one race, but check the schedule for any back to back races. CIRC Races are scheduled in real time.  

Will my coach be able to sit beside me and coach me?

Coaches will be able to coach and shout encouragement. It is important when you race to have someone watching nearby.  If they are not in your bubble or a family member, they should be following any local protocols for COVID to keep safe, such as keeping distance (2 metres) and masking.

What is the Time-Team HOMERACE start sequence look like?

It will look familiar.  Just like it would if we were all together in a big arena.  When all rowers are connected to HOMERACE and sitting still at the ready position, the starter will begin the START sequence.  It starts with SIT READY, then ATTENTION, then after a variable pause, ROW.  Do not start using the LIVE Stream broadcast.  it will be out of synch with TIME-TEAM by a second or two. Follow your monitor. Don't worry, even if there is any latency of live stream refresh, rest assured your erg is sending race information in and all will be captured just like you were together in the same arena.

How old do I need to be to race at CIRC?

To enter a race at CIRC you must be 13 year of age or older on race day.  

Who can race at CIRC?   Do I need to qualify for this event? 

You do not have to have previously raced in an indoor or on the water rowing event.  You do not need to be Canadian. This event is open to all.  CIRC is open to first time novices through to Olympians. When we refer to this race as one in the qualification toward WRICH it means you can submit your CIRC Score to the 2022 World Rowing Indoor Championships.

I entered a lightweight event. How do I weigh-in? What happens if I am overweight?

Click for information on weigh-in procedures.  You will race at your assigned time slot but if you do not pass the check in your score will be shown in the open weight category.

Do I have to finish ahead of someone to medal at CIRC?

Yes, in order to earn a CIRC medallion you must finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd and beat at least one other competitor.  If the race category has only 3 entries, only gold and silver will be awarded, if it has 2, then only gold will be given out, if only 1 competitor then no medal will be awarded.

If I had to scratch my race or missed my race, can I get my entry fee refunded?

It depends when you scratched. If you reported your intent to withdraw to [email protected] before January 24 you are eligible for a refund. If you did not notify the scratch before January 24 2022 by 12:00 noon EST your race fees are non-refundable for any reason.  Note: There is a small portion of the fee that is non-refundable to cover transaction processing.

Will there be any new Concept2 Model D Ergometers coming into Canada for 2022?

No, not during the winter months.  We will not be organizing any in-person events until later in the year on the advice of Public Health to help curb the spread of Covid-19.  If you are looking for an erg to use in the race on January 30, contact a local rowing club or a gym.

Can I watch the 2022 races online in real time?

Yes. Live Stream presentation with colour commentary will start at 8:55 AM EST and continue to the last scheduled race on Sunday January 30 on YouTube.   The Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships channel link can be found here:

CIRC YouTube Channel