City Championships

  • Hosted By: Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association

Information for City Championships May 22

  • We will close down Kelly Drive completely overnight beginning at 7 pm on Saturday after Stotesbury. It would re-open at 6 am for regatta traffic on Sunday. No one will be able to enter after 7 pm on Saturday so if you forget something, it will have to wait until morning or you can walk in.
  • As most of the larger vehicles – boat trailers and food trailers (chuckwagons) will already be there, traffic will not be as congested. Entrants at that point will be in this order: staff, coaches, referees and spectators.  Exact entrance times will be posted later this week.
  • Coaches season passes are still good for this regatta.
  • Spectators have one –time only passes that are dated May 8 and can be used again for May 22. So tell parents to hold on to those passes. If you have thrown away your May passes contact the regatta director. There are afew replacement passes and preference will be given to teams that are volunteering on May 22.
  • Chuckwagons parked on the Drive and boat trailers in the St. Joe’s lot may remain overnight. Security is minimal.
  • Regarding those trailers parked at the Three Angels site: You may leave your trailer there overnight and launch and recover at the Three Angels dock for City Championships. Security is minimal.
  • TENTS – If you are bringing your own tent to Stotesbury, you may leave it overnight Saturday for Sunday. Do not relocate it; leave it in the spot assigned by Stotesbury. If you rented a tent for Stotesbury, it will be removed Saturday night and you will have to set up your own tent on Sunday. We suggest you put that tent in your chuckwagon so it is available on Sunday.
  • TOW VEHICLES – Chuckwagon Tow vehicles need a PSRA pass to enter on Sunday. Or you may enter to pick up the chuckwagon after 4:30 pm without a pass.
  • Racing begins at 10 am with time trials for all events including those that were in direct finals this past weekend. The lunch break will be at about noon and we will start 45 minutes later for afternoon racing.
  • Medals will be awarded on land.
  • We will livestream all the races even though they are time trials.
  • Remote parking and shuttles will be available for spectators from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • City Championship t-shirts and other gear will be sold at Stotesbury and at City Championships.
  • We need volunteers. The sign-up genius has been updated and the new day can be found at the bottom at