Ontario Ergometer Championships

  • Hosted By: Ridley Graduate Boat Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO (2021)

What events are there?  The first 7 Junior events are for high school students  (under 17).  There are 3 "weight classes" - Women- 135# max, 145# max and Open, and Men-150# max, 165# max and Open.  Events 9-14 are Sr events for high school age students (no university athletes please), wit hthe same weight categories.   There are 2 Masters events, Men and Women, for those over 30, with recognition of top Lightweight.  The last 4 events are Open events, for Lightweight 135# Women and 165# max Men, and Open weight Men and Women.   

Where is the event?  See the map on the venue tab to see that the race is in the largd field house at Ridley College, at St. Catharines.  There is a COVID policy for distancing and safety to be followed, so see the layout plan for details.