Spring Regatta

  • Mar 19, 2022
  • sprint
  • Green Lake
  • Seattle, WA (USA)
  • Hosted By: Green Lake Crew
  • 2022 Registered Regatta



Rather than hope for good weather, we are planning for bad weather and have developed a list of rules designed to provide the best opportunity for competition for every athlete.


  1. In anticipation of less than perfect racing conditions, we will limit entries to five crews in Novice events, seven in Experienced events (8’s and 4’s), and eight in doubles.
  2. Each athlete will be allowed to compete in no more than TWO events at the regatta, excluding coxswains.
  3. Entries will be limited to one entry per team in each event, except for possibly Masters’ events that are in a different age category.  A random selection will be used to fill any vacancies for a second entry.  Please submit desired entries and prioritize clearly.  Please note:  clubs with over 100 athletes participating may divide into two separate groups for entries; i.e. Masters can be entered separately from Juniors.
  4. The Novice JR B 8+, Novice JR B 4+, and Novice JR 4x+ events may also include Novice Masters boats.  Additional heats may be included if the total number of entries exceeds the maximum lanes heats available.  These will be separate races and there will be no time comparison for awards.  Similar divisions may be made into Masters’ age groupings.
  5. Divisions will be made for Masters events with a large number of entries.  The USRowing handicapping system will be used for all Masters races.
  6. All races will be 1,000 meters with crews grouped and lined up at 1,200 meters and rowing as a group to the starting line.
  7. USRowing licensed referees will officiate at this regatta. The USRowing Rules of Rowing will apply unless otherwise stated.
  8. All boats must be equipped with bow clips and bow balls.  Each crew is required to bring their own bow numbers. 
  9. All competitors must be competent swimmers.  It is the responsibility of the entering organization to verify this.
  10. Weigh-ins will be on the honor system.  Coxswain minimums:  110 for women’s events and 120 for men’s events.
  11. The first race of the day will start at approximately 7:00am, with races scheduled at 7 to 10-minute intervals.  Exact starting times for all events will be included in the initial lane draw.  Potentially, the first two races of the day and after lunch will be on 5-minute intervals if the regatta receives a lot of entries
  12. Definitions:

YOUTH:              Enrolled in high school (grades 8-12) or those who are age 18 or under.  Junior crews should enter their Junior Varsity crews in this event.  3rd Varsity crews should be entered in the Junior Varsity events.

U16:                   A Competitor may compete in the U16 category until December 31 of the year of his or 15th birthday.

NOVICE:             New to rowing as of June 2021 - including coxswains (sweep and/or sculling).  The “Novice A” category is for the fastest crew from a team, the “Novice B” category is for the second fastest and lower crews from a team.

MASTERS:              Anyone that turns 21 in the 2022 calendar year will be qualified to row as a Master.  Divisions will be made for Masters’ categories in events with a large number of entries.  The USRowing handicapping system will be used for all Masters races. 

MIXED:               A crew with half of the rowers male and half female. Please note that the Mixed Eight in this regatta requires Masters eligibility as well.

OPEN:                 No restrictions.  Junior crews should enter their Varsity crews in this event.   (Exception: see Rule 4, above.)

COXSWAIN:        A minimum weight of 110 pounds for women’s races and 120 for men’s and mixed events.  The coxswain must provide his/her own weight to meet the minimum requirement; this is on the honor system.  No coach may cox any of his/her own crews’ races.  Novice events must have Novice coxswains.[JC1] 

 [JC1]This needs to be updated further