Al Urquia Regatta

  • Hosted By: Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association
  • USRowing Sanctioned Regatta

General Eligibility Rules for VASRA Regattas

    1. All competitors in a boat must attend the same high school. Composite crews are not allowed.

    2. Rowers may enter in only one championship event or championship. Rowers competing in a championship event may not row in a non-championship event (3rd boat or below).

    3. Rowers may be permitted to double row in two non-championship events.

    4. Coxswains may cox in two events or cox in one event and row in one event.

    5. Athletic eligibility begins with a student’s initial enrollment in the 9th grade. After eight consecutive semesters, a student will have completed his/her athletic eligibility and may no longer participate in VASRA regattas.

    6. Competitors who have reached the age of 19 on or before August 1 of that school year are no longer eligible to participate in VASRA regattas.

    7. Junior events are restricted to competitors in the 11th grade (junior year) or lower. Juniors, including coxswains, must not have attained the age of 18 years prior to September 1 of that academic year.

    8. A team must enter a first eight in order to enter a second eight. Boats must be the same type and gender. A team may not skip events, i.e., teams not entering a 1st boat may not enter a 2nd or 3rd boat.

    9. No “B” boats are permitted in all sweep, eight and four oared, events. Single scull events do permit multiple entries per team. Additional entries should designate themselves as  junior if applicable.

    10. All Rowers must have passed a swim test of at least 100 meters (any stroke, no time limit) or treading water for 2 minutes

  1. Waivers and Membership

    1. All Rowers must have at least a Basic Membership in USRowing.

    2. A USRowing waiver completed and submitted online to the USRowing Website (Paper waivers are not acceptable).  

    3. Teams must be an organizational Member of U.S. Rowing

  2. Pre Regatta Meetings

    1. Coxswains Meeting - Virtual Meeting at 8:30 pm the Thursday before the regatta. Details can be found on our home page ( under "Key Dates". Please have a coach view this Referee's presentation with your coxswain's prior to the Coxswain's meeting Thursday evening.

    2. Coaches Meeting - Virtual Meeting at 8:30 pm the Friday before the regatta. Details can be found on our home page ( under "Key Dates"

  3. Accomodations for Double-Rowing, Double-Coxing, Coxswains to Rowing and Equipment Sharing

    1. Please see the VASRA Supplement to the USRowing Rules of Rowing for VASRA rules on Double Rowing, Double Coxing and Coxswain's rowing.

    2. Accomodations must be requested before midnight on Wednesday.  Do not wait until the draft schedule has been posted hoping that your accomodations will be met - it is unlikely that we will be able to accomodate late requests because moving an event for you will impact someone who asked in advance.

    3. Input your requests on this Google Sheet

  4. Visiting Crews

    1. A crew by registering for this regatta agrees to abide by the Rules of the Regatta as stated on the Regatta Central web site for that regatta.

    2. A crew by registering for this regatta agrees to abide by the VASRA Supplement to the USRowing  Rules of Rowing and any other documents pertaining to the conduct of the regattas posted on the VASRA Web site, Representative’s Handbook

    3. A Visiting Crew must be a scholastic team with all of its members from one school, register via Regatta Central and pay applicable fees.

    4. Visiting Schools must provide a Master Eligibility List (MEL) signed by the School’s Principal, Athletic Director or equivalent listing all rowers and certifying that the rowers are in good standing with the school.  More information on the Master Eligibility List can be found in the Executive Summary on the Representative’s Handbook.  A sample MEL, used by the Virginia High School League, is also included in the Representative’s Handbook. The MEL or equivalent document must be submitted to [email protected] no later than Thursday prior to the regatta.