Kings Head XXXV Regatta on the Schuylkill

  • Hosted By: Upper Merion Boat Club
  • USRowing Sanctioned Regatta


Youth: A Youth is a Competitor who in the current calendar year does not attain the age of 19, or who is and has been continuously enrolled in secondary school as a full-time student seeking a diploma. A Competitor thus ceases to be a Youth after December 31 of the year of his or her 18th birthday, or of the year in which he or she completes the 12th grade of secondary school, having been a full-time student, whichever is later.

Master: a Competitor who has attained, or will attain, the age of 21 during the current calendar year. A Competitor's age is determined as of December 31 of the current calendar year, rounded down to the nearest whole number. A Competitor thus becomes a Master on January 1 of the year of his or her 21st birthday. A Masters Crew shall be comprised exclusively of Masters Rowers, but the Coxswain need not be a Master.

Masters Crews shall be classified by age according to the following categories:

  • (AA) 21 to 26 years,
  • (A) 27 to 35 years,
  • (B) 36 to 42 years,
  • (C) 43 to 49 years,
  • (D) 50 to 54 years,
  • (E) 55 to 59 years,
  • (F) 60 to 64 years,
  • (G) 65 to 69 years,
  • (H) 70 to 74 years,
  • (I) 75 to 79 years,
  • (J) 80 to 84 years,
  • (K) 85 and over.

Time Hanicapped Events: all Masters categories 1x to 8+ This Regatta uses "USRA Handicap Algorithm" with course length Multiplier of 4.5 .

Parent/Child events are not handicapped.

Weigh-In / Lightweight Events: There will be no official weigh-ins. Please observe the Honor System.


  • A men's lightweight Crew, including single Scull (1x), shall have no Rower who weighs more than 160 lbs.
  • A men's lightweight Youth Crew, including single Scull (1x), shall have no Rower that weighs more than 150 lbs.


  • A women's lightweight Crew, including a single Scull (1x), shall have no Rower who weighs more than 135 lbs.


1.  The 2.8 mile/4500m Course :  The course begins at Port Indian and proceeds down the approximate middle third of the river to the top of Barbadoes Island and then along the island bank (portside) to the finish line. Crews should take caution of the fallen trees on the island bank. Crews must pass through the large orange colored course buoys marking the finish line and are responsible for steering a safe and predictable line on the course. There are two bridges: Boats pass first through the Railroad Bridge lanes 1, 2 and 3, and then Highway Bridge arch 1 and the portside half of arch 2. There is a red buoy marked sunken hazard in the center of arch 2 of the Highway Bridge. The Finish Line is 30 meters beyond the second bridge. Just after the finish line crews proceed for 100 meters and wait for clearance from the Dockmaster before landing at the recovery end of the dock in front of the Boathouse. Caution: There is a dam approximately 200 meters beyond the finish line. All crews should take care to stay well above the dam while waiting to dock.  After Finishing: Individuals and crews will be disqualified if they row upriver past the recovery dock to 'cool down.'

2.  Start: Each entrant will be responsible for arriving at the starting line five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled starting time. All Boats will launch from the Upper Merion Boathouse and should proceed along the Upper Merion (Bridgeport) river bank (portside), through the first arches of both bridges defined by the buoy line and proceed with extreme caution upriver staying well clear of the racing lanes and competitors who may row off the course.  Shoals and hazards will generally be marked with yellow caution buoys and red hazard buoys and individuals and crews should proceed with normal caution on unfamiliar waters. All Crews and Coxswains are responsible for knowing the course and passing rules and for checking the course map before leaving the dock. A Coaches/Coxswains meeting will be held at the corner of the Boathouse at 8am ET - TBC.  Crews proceeding more than 300 meters above the start line will do so at their own risk.

Hot-Seating is discouraged and Races will not be delayed to permit hot seating


King's Head Regatta will refund Event Registration payments submitted to Regatta Central on or prior to the Standard Close Date (Sept. 19th 11:59 pm deadline) less Merchant (Credit Card) Fees of 2.79% on Event Entry Payment(s) or $5.00 whichever is greater. 
Late Registration and other Entry not-rowed payments will be refunded at the discretion of the Regatta Committee.