New Orleans Indoor Rowing Championships

  • Feb 4, 2023
  • indoor
  • New Orleans, LA (USA)
  • Hosted By: New Orleans Rowing Club, Ltd.




Date: Saturday, February 4, 2023

Location: Krewe Fitness(8013 Leake Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118)




Registration and payment can be completed online through Regatta Central.


The standard registration fee for all 2000m and 500m events is $20 per individual competitor until February 1st, 2023 at 11:59pm. Late registration is $25 per individual competitor and will only be accepted on race day at the event and is subject to erg availability. The standard and late registration fee for all 500m events is $10 and $15, respectively. 


Individuals may register for 1 or more races. Waivers will be available on-site and must be completed during check-in.   


All athletes must register with a projected 500m or 2000m time. Athletes will be seeded based on projected erg times, with the goal of placing like-athletes on adjacent machines. Names with no times will be in the slowest heat regardless of speed. This cannot be changed on race day.  


Registration will open as soon as the venue and date are confirmed, typically in December. 


Refunds will only be issued in the event of injury or sickness only, and must be confirmed via a doctor's verification.  



All events are raced separately for men and women: 



  • Ages 30-39- No handicapping, age is determined as of the actual race day
  • Ages 40-49- No handicapping, age is determined as of the actual race day
  • Ages 50-59- No handicapping, age is determined as of the actual race day
  • Ages 60+- No handicapping, age is determined as of the actual race day
  • Junior –Restricted to entrants ages 14 and up 
  • Junior Lightweight –Men-155 lbs max, Women-135 lbs max
  • Novice –Restricted to entrants ages 18+ who have not rowed in an open 2000m race on the water or at an indoor rowing competition more than 12 months prior to race day.
  • Open –no restrictions
  • Open Lightweight –Men-165 lbs max, Women-135 lbs max



  • Junior Development –Restricted to entrants aged 13 and under
  • Junior –Restricted to entrants ages 14 and up 
  • Open –no restrictions


A final schedule will be posted the week of the event. Depending on entries, start times will alter slightly, but will not alter more than 15-30 minutes.



The Concept2 Model D ergometer will be used for all events. Competitors may select a damper setting of their choice but may not be changed during the race. 



Awards will be given to the top finisher in each event (not each flight). 


Results are posted on-site roughly 15 minutes after the final flight of each event. All results will be published digitally on and RegattaCentral before the end of the day. 


Awards may be picked up from the registration table when results are posted. Medals must be picked up the day of and will not be mailed after the event. 


For age group races – unless entry numbers are very high for each age group, these different events will race at the same time. Separate awards will still be awarded for each male and female winner in each age group event. 




  • Parking –All competitors and spectators should park at Krewe Fitness, although space is limited. In the likely event parking is full, please park at any of the free public spaces located in the surrounding residential neighborhood. However, please be cautious of any 2-hour residential permit parking only signs and do not block any driveways.  ( 
  • Registration & Check-In – All competitors, both pre-registered and those registering late, should check in no later than 1-hour prior to the schedule start time for each event. 
  • Waivers –All athletes should be prepared to sign & submit a waiver at time of check-in. Hard copies will be present at check-in deck. Junior athletes will need a parent or guardian to be present to complete the check-in and waiver process. 
  • Late Registration – Day of entries are allowed ONLY if there is an availability in the desired race. Payment must be in hand via cash or check. 
  • Lightweight Weigh-Ins– All competitors entered into a lightweight event must weigh-in at least 2 hours prior to the start of the race (as per Concept2 rules). 
  • Scratches – Scratches will result in an empty erg.We will not reassign ergs. Ergs are auto-seeded based on registration deadline. 
  • Warm-Up –Separate warm-up ergs will be available.
  • Progression Format – All events are finals only. You will only race once per event. 
  • Athlete Seeding -All competitors will be seeded, based upon erg scores submitted at time of registration. 
  • Race Start – Athletes may choose their own damper setting prior to the start of the race. Damper settings cannot be changed mid-race. Race officials (not athletes) will set monitors prior to the start.  The head race official will start the race using the commands, “Attention, Go.” False starts will result in race stoppage, and all rowers will be called back to the start. 
  • Equipment Breakage - If breakage occurs during the first 200 meters of the race, all rowers will be stopped and called back to the start. If breakage occurs after the first 200 meters, the rower can choose to finish the race (and be taken out of competition) or pull the whole piece again. If rower chooses to pull again, they must pull in the flight immediately following their current flight. 



  • Which event should I race in?

Event definitions are explained under “Events”. A few events (age, junior and lightweight events for examples) have restrictions. You decide which event to race in. 


  • Should I weigh in on race day? 

You should weigh in only if you are competing in a lightweight event. All weigh ins must occur at least 2 hours prior to the start of the athlete’s event. Official weigh ins can only be done at the check-in desk. 


  • What time is my race? 

Every year, the race schedule is set based on the number of entries. After entries close, a final schedule will be created and posted on Regatta Central. Times should not shift more than 30-45 minutes from the preliminary schedule. 


  • Can I register for two events? 

Yes, an individual can register for a 2000m race, then enter in one 500m sprint race.


  • Can I register on race day?

Standard registration closes at 11:59pm on the Sunday before the event. Late registration on race day is subject to erg availability. In other words, if there is an empty erg in the race you’d like to compete in, then you can enter that race. All race day entries will be charged the late registration fee. 


  • Are there warm up ergs?

Yes, there will be approximately 4 warmup ergs available. Competitors are encouraged to use alternative methods to warm up (including running) and limit the use of the warm up ergs to power strokes.  


  • Is there an age handicap? 

No. Age group events will use raw times to determine event medalists. 


  • Can my time be applied for a medal in a different event category? 

In other words, can I race in the lightweight event, but my time be applied to the open event, or vice versa?


No. If you want to be a contender for a medal in a certain event, you must race in that event. 


  • Can I wear headphones during my race? 

Yes, just make sure you are able to hear the race official’s start commands, otherwise face possible disqualification. 


  • Can I plug my heart rate monitor into the erg? 

Sorry, no. We ask that nothing be plugged into the monitors. 


  • Can I use my Concept2 LogCard? 

Sorry, no. Results will promptly be posted on both Regatta Central and the NORC website.