Head of the Lagoon - Collegiate & Masters

  • Hosted By: Redwood Scullers/PACJC
  • USRowing Sanctioned Regatta



From the Foster City PD, do not leave ANY VALUABLES in your car. The break-in rate has exploded in Foster CIty - please do not be another statistic. Leave nothing -- not even a blanket. Nothing in your glove compartments. No Garage door openers, no extra keys, no expensive sunglasses.

Lastly, PLEASE READ THE REGATTA PACKET and WATCH THE VIDEO. THe venue does not open until 6:15 am both days. The maps for the bridges are in the packet. There is practice on Friday and Saturday, with LAST LAUNCH at 4:30 PM and boats must have LIGHTS. We are not budging on the lights.

Here we go -- HOTL -- Last One, Fast One !