San Diego Fall Classic

  • Hosted By: San Diego Rowing Club
  • USRowing Sanctioned Regatta

The 2023 San Diego Fall Classic will follow the rules as stated in the 2023 USRowing Rules of Rowing. For a current copy of the USRowing Rules of Rowing, click on the link:


2023 SAN DIEGO FALL CLASSIC - Regatta Specific Rules


The 2023 Fall Classic course involves several sharp turns around buoys and islands. The ability to safely and effectively pass another crew (or allow room for a crew to pass) is an important aspect of racing on this course. There could be situations in which passing cannot be accomplished without endangering a crew; it is the responsibility of the passing crew/coxswain to recognize these situations and avoid them.


Specific responsibilities of scullers and crews are as follows:


  1. The boat overtaking (Passer) has the right of way to pass (on the side of its choice) if a safe pass can be accomplished. A boat is considered to be overtaking when it moves within one boat length of open water of a boat ahead.       
    1. If a pass is attempted and there is not adequate room and time to perform the pass, the Passer is at risk of incurring interference penalties.
    2. If passing on a turn, the Passer must give adequate room to the boat being overtaken to allow it to complete its turn safely.
    3. If a pass is attempted and the overtaken crew does not yield, the Passer shall not press the issue. If the Passer causes a collision in this way, the Passer may receive a penalty.
  2. The boat being overtaken (Passee) must yield and give suitable room to the Passer (on the side chosen by the Passer) if a safe pass can be accomplished. Failure to yield carries a presumed penalty of 60 seconds.
  3. Interference carries a presumed penalty of 60 seconds. Repeated or severe interference may result in exclusion.
  4. Each Buoy taken on the wrong side of the hull or going through an unmarked bridge arch may result in a 60-second penalty. During racing, boats must stay on the course. Oars blades may go over the buoys but the hull of the shell must stay inside the buoy line. Boats are to go through bridge arches as marked. If a boat exits the course, they may return when it is safe and continue their race.
  5. Any crew showing a blatant disregard for safety will likely be excluded. 'Blatant disregard' includes but is not limited to:
    1. Failure to heed the instructions of the crossover Marshal.
    2. Crossing into the racing pattern while not racing.
  6. All crews must finish the race with ALL competitors on board.
    1. Fours and eights must have their coxswains.
    2. ALL rowers must be in the boat.
  7. Use of profanity may result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of 60 seconds.
  8. No launches (i.e. coaches launch) shall enter the racecourse venue or perimeter during the race progression, nor well launches be permitted to be on shore in the launch/recovery area during the race.
  9. If you are late to the start, more than 15 minutes, you'll be allowed to race but will not be in contention for a medal.

2023 will have medals for 1st through 3rd.