Head of the Fort

  • Hosted By: Fort Langley Community RC
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2023)






•    The Regatta is being held on the Bedford Channel, Fort Langley

•    Trailer parking will be assigned. Contact us with the size of your trailer. Arrive before 630 am.

You may need to park at a designated off-site area once your trailer is unloaded at our “loading/unloading zone”.

•    There is car parking at the Fort National Historic Site and the end of Mavis Ave, east of the bridge at Marina Park, and over the bridge at the Fort Camping day use area. Parking near the venue is reserved for Officials only. Additional street parking is spread throughout the village.

Event Categories 5k head race

    •    Juniors - may enter as Coxed Quad in 4x event
    •    Seniors/Open
    •    Adaptive
    •    Novice
    •   Masters (aged 21 plus) - handicapped for age

                       Launch Schedule

730 am - Official Welcome and Coach/coxswain’s meeting

8 to 830 am - Control commission open for FLIGHT 1 launch

8:35-8:40 am - Pre-start line-up begins at the pump-house 1km west of the

bridge.  You will be directed.

8:45 am -  FLIGHT 1 race begins - running start every 15 seconds


10 - 10:40 -   Control Commission open for FLIGHT 2 launch

10:50 am -  Dock closed

10:50-10:55 am -  Pre-start line-up begins at the pumphouse

11:00 am -  FLIGHT 2 race begins - running start every 15 seconds


1 - 1:40 pm   - Control commission open for FLIGHT 3 launch

1:50-1:55 pm -  Pre-start line-up begins at the pumphouse

2 pm - FLIGHT 3 race begins - running start every 20 seconds


3:30 pm - Awards



      • Large Trailers with 8’s will park and wet launch at Brae Island/Fort Camping. Boats will need to be safety-checked by an Umpire before launching.
      • Crews will race east, keeping to the starboard shore, slower crews moving  closer to shore to allow faster boats to pass. Keep the red buoys to your port side.
      • There will be TWO bridge spans open for each direction. The middle span is CLOSED and marked with large buoys.
      • There are two large buoys PAST the end of the channel to turn around and return west. No passing zone at the turn. Yield to faster crews. Be mindful of the pull of the current towards the island, on the return. 
      • The overtaking crew has right of way and the overtaken crew must yield water away from the overtaking crew. No crew may compromise the safety of another during passing. Water safety is the responsibility of both crews, especially at tight turns. Listen to officials if they ask you to delay passing. Disqualification will result for failing to heed an official’s warning or compromising the safety of another crew.
      • On the return, continue to keep closer to the starboard shore, red buoys on your port side. Note the boathouses and fishing docks on the starboard shore before you reach the bridge.
      • Finish line is 50 m west of the bridge, in front of the rowing boathouse and dock.
      • After finishing the race, all crews must remain on the island (north) side paddling west to the pumphouse, until all starting crews have cleared the bridge heading east (and directed by an Umpire). 
      • Crews can cool down, keeping to starboard shore, in a loop between finish and start areas, once all competing crews have finished racing.

Boats not Finishing

•    If you retire or choose not to complete the course for any reason, advise the nearest Umpire/safety boat and follow their directions.


    Competitors and crews participate in the race entirely at their own risk. The decision to race is that of the competing crew alone.  The organizers will not accept any liability for material damage, personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with, or during or after the event.


  • Fort Langley has a great deal to offer with regards to amenities.
  • Rail and River Restaurant will be offering take-out breakfast and lunch with their on-site kiosk.
  • Check out “Local Attractions” on Regatta Central for things around town and lodging.


Ribbons for FIRST place in each race (dependent on 4 or more in the boat category)

Special Awards for Fastest (handicapped for age/sex/boat class)

  • Junior Women’s Crew
  • Junior Men’s Crew
  • Novice Crew
  • Womens 1x
  • Mens 1x
  • Womens 2x
  • Mens 2x

The club garnering the highest points overall will win the completely unique Head of the Fort Aggregate Trophy!