WOSSR Rowing Championships

  • Hosted By: London Western Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and RowOntario (2023)
  1. Rule 2.1 (2) Definition of a competitor – Athletes are allowed to race for their club or their school. Not Both.
  2. Rule 2.3 Age Categories of Rowers - differ from RCA rules are stated in the entry rules section on the website and race program Junior (grade 9 & 10) and Senior (grade 11 & 12)
  3. Rule 2.5 Coxswain weights – no minimum coxie weight
  4. Rule 2.6 Weighing of Coxswains – coxies will not be weighed in
  5. Rule 2.10 Weight Restricted Events – differ from RCA weight categories and are stated on the Event List and Weigh-in Rules page (Men - 72kg Women - 63kg)
  6. Rule 2.11 Weighing of Athletes in Weight Restricted Events – athletes will only be allowed to officially weigh in once
  7. Rule 7.6 Crew Changes Before First Heat – no single sculler may be substituted on regatta day.