Wine Country Rowing Classic

  • Hosted By North Bay Rowing Club & Sonoma State University
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Petaluma Paella

Paella (paa ay yaa) is a typical Valencian rice dish from Spain.  The origin of the name paella is Valencian for frying pan.  Paella is usually garnished with vegetables and meat or seafood.  The three key ingredients are rice, saffron, and olive oil.  Paella is cooked in a paella pan, which is a large, shallow, flat pan.  An important part of the flavor comes from the addition of saffron and the sofrito, or the combination of tomatoes, garlic and peppers.  Paella is customized to suit individual tastes with chicken or a variety of fresh seafood.

Dish of chicken paella......................$6.00            Dish of seafood paella.....................$8.00

The Filling Station

Coffee, Lattes, Mochas, Smoothies, Juices, Pastries, Protein Powder, etc, etc, etc, YUM!!! YUM!!!