New Hampshire Championships Regatta

  • Hosted By: Amoskeag Rowing Club

Divisions, Awards, and Fees


  1. Open- College through age 39 as of December 31, 2008. (or anyone else who wants to row open except a junior or junior novice)
  2. Novice- Summer or fall of 2008 is first season rowing or sculling, according to the event.
  3. Veteran- 60 years of age or older as of December 31, 2008.
  4. Master- 40 years of age as of December 31, 2008.
  5. Junior- In grammar school, high school or prep school as of September, 2008.
  6. Junior Novice-In grammar school, high school or prep schoolas of September, 2008 andsummer or fall of 2008 is first seasonrowing. (New in 2007)
  7. Single- A boat rowed by one person is a "single"
  8. Toqualify for a separate division, every rower in a 4 must qualifyandseven out of eight in an 8 must qualify. (Coxes are exemptfromqualifying and may also be of either sex).
  9. There are no separate heavyweight or lightweight divisions.


Ifthere are at least three entries in any separate division ofamulti-division event (for example, novice/junior/masters races),thefirst three crews in the division will receive individual medals.

TheNew Hampshire Cup is a team trophy that will be based uponoverallperformance in the non-singles events in the regatta, asfollows:

  1. Fivepoints for each boat in each event (i.e., the entire event,not eachdivision within the event) will create the pool of availablepoints forthe event. (Example: if there are 20 boats in the event, thepool is 100points for that event.)
  2. The first three boats in each event(i.e., the entire event, noteach division within the event) will dividethe pool of points for thatevent on the basis of 50% to first place,30% to second place and 20%to third place. (Example: if there are 100points in the pool, 1stplace gets 50, 2nd place gets 30 and 3rd placegets 20.)

The quad race, although run as parts of otherevents, will be scoredseparately for individual medals as long as thereare at least threequad entries in the race. There will be no separatedivisions (novice,junior, master) and no New Hampshire Cup points inthe quad races.Quads may be rowed coxed or uncoxed.