Carnegie Lake Regatta

  • Hosted By: Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
The member volunteers of the Carnegie Lake Rowing Association look forward to seeing you SUNDAY, June 22nd at the twenty third annual Carnegie Lake Regatta.

 When you arrive at the regatta site please check in with registration so that we know you are there.  In addition, please check in with the Dock Master when you launch so that we know that you have launched.  All boats must have bow numbers.  Please bring your bow numbers.  We have a few that we can lend to you.

We are preparing a food tent with hamburgers, hotdogs and delicious homemade dishes for only $5 per person. Stop by the food tent and join us for lunch.

We hope you have a good time, a safe time and we wish you good luck in your racing.

Event #2 Women's Masters Novice 4+ has been cancelled because of lack of entries

Event #14 Men's Masters Novice 4+ has been cancelled because of lack of entries

Event #8 Mixed Masters Novice 8+ has been changed to Mixed Masters Novice 4+


SCHEDULED ORDER of EVENTS (as of June 16, 2008) subject to change 
Coxswain's Meeting  8:30
1 Women's Masters Eight 9:00
2 Women's Masters Novice Four -
3 Men's Masters Quad 9:20
4 Men's Masters Four 9:40
5 Men's Masters Double 10:00
6 Women's Masters Single 10:40
7 Men's Masters Eight 11:30
8 Mixed Masters Novice Four 11:50
9 Women's Masters Quad 12:00
10 Mixed Masters Eight 12:40
11 Women's Masters Double 1:00
12 Men's Masters Single 1:20
13 Women's Masters Four 2:30
14 Men's Masters Novice Four -
15 Mixed Masters Quad 3:00
16 Coxswain's 500 Meter Dash Four 3:20