The 139th Royal Canadian Henley Masters Regatta

  • Hosted By: Canadian Henley Regatta Joint Committee Corporation
  • Sanctioned by RCA & RO (2023)

August 5th 2023 7:57p

2023 Henley Masters final Draw w/caps



August 01 2023 5:21p

Please see Communications letter and combined Preliminary Draw

If anyone is interested in helping out fill a safety boat Saturday and Masters Sunday Morning, the signup link is below. Four safety boats are required. We are short on volunenteers. 

Coaches Practice Time Safety Boat Signup Form

Peter Scott


July 13 2023

The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta Committee will host the 2023 RCA Canadian Masters Championships as part of the Henley Masters Event taking place  August 6

Masters competitors representing RCA Member Organizations racing for Henley Masters Gold will simultaneously be racing as part of the RCA Canadian Masters Championships. All winners representing RCA Member Organizations of the Henley Masters events will also be awarded a 2023 RCA Canadian Masters Championships Gold Medal. 

As per RCA Rules of Racing Rule 2.7, competitors entered into the Henley Masters Events/2023 RCA Canadian Masters Championships are only permitted to race Championship and Open Henley events (e.g. dashes)*.

*Exception: coxswains are permitted to compete (as coxswains) in all applicable Henley events 


Registration is Now Open for the 139th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta!

Royal Canadian Henley Regatta - Masters Henley Sunday August 6th 2023
Royal Canadian Henley Regatta - Race Week Tuesday August 8th - Sunday August 13th 2023

All Active Competitors, Coaches and Potential Competitors MUST be listed on each competing Rowing Clubs Club Eligibility Roster (CER) as of the closing of the Entry Deadline. Active Competitors and Coaches must be listed in an accepted entry’s boating lineup at the closing of the Entry Deadline. Potential Competitors must be listed as either a Spare in an accepted entry’s boating lineup, or listed in a Waitlisted Event. Spares are NOT committed to being a Spare for the associated entry, merely adds them to the Clubs Eligibility Roster.

All non-Canadian or International Active Competitors, Coaches and Potential Competitors MUST sign a waiver in the Registrar’s Waiver Portal.
Any Competitors, Coaches and Potential Competitors with Non-Signed Waivers at the time of the closing of registration will be ineligible to be transferred to the Clubs Eligibility Roster (CER) at the time of the closing of registration. Please ensure Waivers are signed prior to the closing of the registration deadline.

The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta will be very thorough regarding the verification of Acceptable Identification for this year’s regatta. Please visit the Rules, Regulations & Policies chapter of our website for detailed definitions BEFORE you enter any Competitor, Coach, or Potential Competitor into this year’s Registration System.

NEW* There will be a $25.00 CDN Administration Fee applied for each/all Competitor, Coach and/or Potential Competitor, including Masters who’s data isn’t transferred to the Regatta Registration System at the time of the Closing of the Entry Deadline

To avoid this $25.00 CDN Administration Fee, ensure your Club Eligibility Rosters are accurate and complete. FirstName/LastName and Birthdate are listed verbatim to that which meets the Acceptable Identification Definition listed in the Rules, Regulations and Policies Chapter of our Website.

Refund Policy:
After payment has been made, there will be no refunds for entry cancellations or withdrawals.

Scratch Policy:
Registrants/Account Holders who wish to scratch an entry prior to the closing of the entry deadline can do so at any time in their Regatta Central account. No scratch fees will be applied for any accepted entry that is scratched prior to the closing of the Entry Deadline:

Scratch Fees to the amount of $75.00 CDN will be waived for all Waitlisted Events if notification is made to the Regatta Chair between the closing of the Registration Deadline and the publication of the Preliminary Draw. Notifications MUST include, Account Holders name, Name of Entry Club Event Number & Description, Boat ID. Once confirmation email is received, scratch is accepted

All other Scratches are to be made in the Regatta Office and Submitted to an Administration Officer. Scratch Fees will be applied to the Account Holders account payment ledger. All Scratch Fees are at the discretion of the Regatta Chair and/or the OC.

Rosters/Boating Lineups:
Once the Registration Deadline has passed, Boating Lineups & Rosters are locked in the Registration System. Any and all Name Changes / Substitutions to boating Lineup and Additions to the Club Eligibility Rosters (CER) MUST be completed in the Regatta Office. See Rules, Regulations & Policies Chapter for details.


2023 Registration Fee breakdown

Boat Class RCHR Entry Fee RCA Seat Fee

ROWOntario Seat Fee

Sub Total HST 13% TOTAL
Singles $80.00 $3.85 $2.54 $86.39 $11.23 $97.62
Doubles & Pairs $95.00 $7.70 $5.08 $107.78 $14.01 $121.79
Coxed Fours $142.00 $19.25 $12.70 $173.95 $22.61 $196.56
Fours & Quads $126.00 $15.40 $10.16 $151.56 $19.70 $171.26
Eights $205.00 $34.65 $22.86 $262.51 $34.13 $296.64

 2023 Late Entry Fee Table

Boat Class RCHR Entry Fee RCA Seat Fee

ROWOntario Seat Fee

Sub Total HST 13% TOTAL
Singles $160.00 $3.85 $2.54 $166.39 $21.63 $188.02
Doubles & Pairs $190.00 $7.70 $5.08 $202.78 $26.36 $229.14
Coxed Fours $284.00 $19.25 $12.70 $315.95 $41.07 $357.02
Fours & Quads $252.00 $15.40 $10.16 $277.56 $36.08 $313.64
Eights $410.00 $34.65 $22.86 $467.51 $60.78 $528.29

 Please Visit our Fees for additional descriptions




Contact Peter Scott
Email [email protected]
Phone (905) 650-9996
Sanctioned by  
Chief Umpire/Referee Thomas Blacquiere
Juniors No
High School No
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters Yes
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (CAD)
Standard Cost Late Cost
1x Singles $80.00 $80.00
2x/2- Doubles & Pairs $95.00 $95.00
4+ Coxed Fours $142.00 $142.00
4-/4x Fours & Quads $126.00 $126.00
8+ Eights $205.00 $205.00
Rowing Ontario 2023 Seat Fee $2.25
Rowing Canada 2023 Seat Fee $3.85
Plus taxes if applicable