Head of the Housatonic

  • Hosted By: New Haven Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

COURSE:The Housatonic River is dammed inDerby and Monroe to create a “lake”which is 4 1/2 miles of rowable water.The course is approximately 2.7milesstarting about 1 mile above the Yale boathouse and ending at theNew HavenRowing Club facility in Oxford.Itincludes some turns, but nobridges.Amap of the course will be included in your registration packet.


VENUE:Most contestants will launch from theIndian Well State Park off route110 in Shelton, CT.Crews will wade their boats into the waterfrom thepark’s large, sandy beach.Thewater is still warm at this time ofyear.Sanitary facilities, but no showers, are available at thepark.Concessions, including food and T-shirts,will be operated byvolunteer groups and/or vendors.Camping, alcohol and dogs are notallowed inthe park.Trailers may be parked at thepark overnight, butsecurity is not provided.The park closes its gates at sunset on Friday,so trailers arriving onFriday must do so prior to 6:15pm.Thegates willreopen at 6:00am onSaturday morning.Someveteran scullers(60+) will launch from the NHRC boathouse and somecollege crews will launchfrom the Yale boathouse,


PARKING:Parking at Indian Well Park was atcapacity last year and we have tocontrol car parking in the park this year inorder to meet emergencyaccess regulations. We have also opened additionaltrailer space farthernorth in the park along with extensive boat stagingareas. In order toaccommodate as many participants as possible, please carpool as much as possible andarrive early.Boat trailer tow trucks may be required to park separately fromtrailerswithin the Park.We will havesatellite parking facilities availableagain this year along with an expandedshuttle bus system.Pleaseallowadditional time to get to the park after parking your car.Detailsand maps will be forthcoming shortlyon our website.