Head of the Lake

  • Hosted By: Lake Washington Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

2008 Head of the Lake Regatta Returns to Classic Course

 Hosted by Lake Washington Rowing Club and the University of Washington, this year’s regatta on Sunday, Nov. 9 starts on Lake Union, continues east through the Montlake Cut to Lake Washington and finishes near the UW's Conibear Shellhouse.

 Rowers remember this as the “classic course” used most often in the regatta’s 27 years.

 The 3-mile head race begins at 8 a.m. with a coaches’ and coxswains’ meeting at 6 a.m. and a single awards ceremony, both at Conibear Shellhouse.


Schedule of events

Due to a Saturday afternoon Husky Football Game, trailer parking at Conibear Shellhouse likely will not be available until early Sunday morning. Trailers attending the Frostbite Regatta are asked to leave your trailer (no truck attached) at Green Lake until Sunday morning.

All other trailers can park temporarily at LWRC in the U-Park lot on Northlake Way.  Please call Conor if you have any questions (206) 450-3433.

All trailers will be parked in lot E-1 and on the gravel road to the north of Conibear Shellhouse.  Lot E-8 and the wood chipped area are for rigging only.  No trailers will be allowed in lot E-8.

HOTL organizers apologize for any inconvenience and will do everything possible to assist you and your crew.

Saturday, Nov. 8

3 - 8 p.m. – Registrations packet pick-up at LWRC boathouse.

Sunday, Nov. 9

4 a.m. -- Trailer parking opens at UW

6-8 a.m. – Registration packet pickup, Conibear Shellhouse

6 a.m. – Coaches'/coxswains' meeting (Open only to coaches, coxes and double and single scullers), Conibear Shellhouse

8 a.m. – Races

There will be two awards ceremonies--one midway through the regatta TBA but most likely after event #15 Women's Jr JV 8+ and one at the end of the regatta. These presentations will be upstairs in the Conibear Shellhouse.

Throughout the day – Merchandise vendors and light food, Conibear Shellhouse

FrostBite Regatta on Saturday

Green Lake Crew hosts its annual FrostBite Regatta the same weekend as HOTL. Visit http://www.greenlakecrew.org/ for details.