Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Jr. Regional Championships

  • Hosted By: Shrewsbury Rowing Club, Quinsigamond Rowing Association, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Compliance with the USRowing Rules of Rowing: The Regatta will comply with USRowing Rules of Rowing.

 Program Eligibility:


-          Entry into the NEMA regatta is open to all programs that are located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Districts as determined by USRowing.  To see if your program is in either of those districts please visit

-          A program (Men or Women) must participate as a Youth Eight or Youth Four as a prerequisite condition to the entering a qualifying 2nd/3rd Youth Eight or 2nd Youth Four.

 Athlete Eligibility:

Novice: The NEMA regatta will accept the USRowing recommended definition of a novice athlete.  As offered by USRowing, a novice rower "shall be a coxswain or rower whose initial competition within the same discipline [(sculling or sweep)] has been in the previous 12 months of the date of the regatta".

Lightweights and Coxswains Weigh-ins:

-          Rower Weights:

o    Men: 155lb maximum per rower
o    Women: 130lb maximum per rower

-          Coxswain Weights

o    Men: 120 minimum
o    Women: 110 minimum

o    Coxswains will need to weigh in on each day that they race.
o    Underweight coxswains must carry sufficient additional weight to bring them to the minimum standards. All such weight will be carried in the coxswain's station in the boat as close to the torso of the coxswain as possible.  Equipment used by the coxswain shall not be considered part of the coxswain's weight and shall not be included, as part of any additional deadweight the coxswain is required to carry.  Coxswains will be asked by officials to show their weight at the finish line only.

-          In the case of lightweight crews, the entire boat must be present to weigh in.
-          Crews/Coxswains may weight in up to two hours before and no later than one hour before their first event of the day.  Please refer to weigh in schedule.
-          Lightweight athletes will be allowed to re-weigh a second time so long as they are no more than .5(one half) of a pound over the maximum weight on the first weigh. 
-          Failure to weigh-in by the deadline will result in disqualification.
-          Athletes must weigh in once for each day that they race.


Bow Markers: Each crew must provide its own bow markers.

Bow Balls: All boats must have a bow ball.

Heel Ties: All boats launching will have heel tie downs checked.  Please ensure your shoes are properly secured to avoid delays in your launching.

Hot-Seating: Hot-seating is strongly discouraged.  The size of the regatta and the need to stay on schedule means that there will be no "waiting" for crews.

Staring Area:  All crews will be allowed to warm-up above the Route 290 Bridge and will be called to the line prior to their event.  Crews that do not lock on 2 minutes before their start time will receive a warning.  Two warnings will result in exclusion.

Medals: Medals will be awarded to first, second, and third place finishers in most Grand Finals.  A final must contain a minimum of 4 boats in order for a third place medal to be awarded.


Inclement Weather Procedure

Course Evacuation: Weather will be monitored throughout the regatta via online Doppler.  Should there be any indication of approaching unsafe conditions; the decision will be made to evacuate the course.  The regatta will have significant safety personnel on and off the water to facilitate the evacuation.  In addition to the Regatta Point facility, athletes may be taken off the water at the Donahue Rowing Center at the North end of the lake.  All crews/officials/staff above the 1000 meter mark will be evacuated to the Donahue Rowing Center.  All crews/officials/staff below the 1000 meter mark will be evacuated to Regatta Point State Park.  Racing will be suspended for a minimum of one hour.  Regatta Staff will communicate with the Coast Guard to determine if conditions are such that racing can resume safely. 

Weather Forecast Considerations:  Should weather forecasts strongly indicate a threat to running events on either day, a?PLAN B? schedule has been devised to ensure that priority events have the best opportunity to run.  That revised schedule will available on Regatta Central. 


Cancellation/Delay on Race Day:  Regatta officials may call for a delay or cancellation of racing due to conditions endangering the safety of rowers, staff or spectators.  The Chief Referee will make the final decision for delay or cancellation.  Following a decision to delay racing, the Regatta Director will announce a revised racing schedule with compressed racing centers.  Event cancellation will begin when all remaining events cannot be held by the end of the day.  Events that must be canceled due to significant delay will be designated in the following order:


  1. Youth Novice Four
  2. 2nd Youth Novice Eight
  3. Youth 3rd Eight
  4. 2nd Youth Four
  5. Youth Novice Eight
  6. 2nd Youth Eight
  7. Youth Pairs
  8. Youth Lightweight Doubles
  9. Youth Singles
  10. Youth Doubles
  11. Youth Quads
  12. Youth Lightweight Four
  13. Youth Four
  14. Youth Lightweight Eight
  15. Cancellation of the regatta