Cromwell Cup

  • Hosted By: Riverside Boat Club


  • During all Riverside Regattas, parking in the lot next to Riverside Boat Club is reserved for top boats may park on a limited first-come, first-serve basis. Formost cars, equipment/people drop off is permitted but you must parkelsewhere.

  • TRAILERS-please, PLEASE-do NOT park on the grass.

  • Should your TRAILER arriveSaturday night (it must arrive no earlier than 8 PM,) please park towards the edges of the parking lot andnotify the regatta chair ahead of time. We may ask you to adjust yourparking spot on Sunday morning at 6 AM.

Where you may park:

  • Sundays only (REGATTA ON SUNDAY!)-City of Cambridge on-street parking is legal for all non-residents (any side street, do NOT park on Memorial Drive)

  • TheMorse School-Across from the pool and the Sunoco Station, there is anelementary school. Parking there on weekends is legal, UNLESS THEY HAVEA FARMERS MARKET SCHEDULED (markets typically on Saturdays only). Watchfor signs.

  • The "Horseshoe"-across from the Shell Station near Magazine Beach, adjacent to the pool. NOTE: In recent years this has been unavailable since trailers have used this space

  • MagazineBeach ball fields-Next to the BU Bridge (stay right of the overpasswhen you travel past Riverside on your right, entrance shortly after).Several parking spaces exist between the ball fields and the pumpingstation.

  • Cityof Boston streets-on street parking is legal in Allston, on the otherside of the river. Western Ave is the most accessible location, and canbe reached by crossing the Western Ave. Bridge, 2 bridges above (westof or upstream of) Riverside.


  • Anywhere on the grass (that means no parking on any grass). Warning: The state of MA will tow your car!

  • In the MicroCenter/Strawberry?s/Trader Joes parking lot during store hours. They WILL TOW!

  • At the Radisson