Cromwell Cup

  • Hosted By: Riverside Boat Club

For all racing, US Rowing Classifications are used. For more details, please visit US Rowing

Juniors Eligibility-Competitors must be born in 1991 or later OR enrolled in high school this past spring

Masters Eligibility-ALL competitors must be 21 or older. Rowers who are not 21 may not enter masters events.

Master's categories:

Age 27-35: Category A

Age 36-42: Category B

Age 43-49: Category C

Age 50-54: Category D

Age 55-59: Category E

Age 60+: Category F/Veteran

Masters in an "older" category are free to enter events in younger categories(e.g. a 56 year old rower may enter the Masters E 1x and the Masters B1x).