Head of the Genesee

  • Hosted By: Rochester Community inclusive Rowing
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
2009 Head of the Genesee Regatta



Racing Format


Masters, Open, and High school races are held over a 5 km head course. This event is timed

as a traditional Head Race


In continuing with past tradition, collegiate crews will race the 5km head course in the

morning and a 1500 meter sprint course in the afternoon. The regatta is unique in that final

standings for each crew are determined by performances in two races. Based on the morning

results, the boats are paired for an afternoon sprint race of 1500 meters. The sprint races are

run two boats at a time, each boat racing against the clock, although starting as close to

simultaneously as possible. The afternoon races are run with boats in reverse order; that is, the

slowest boats from the morning go first and the fastest boats go last. The final standing is

determined by adding the head race time and 3 times the sprint time.

Registration ? Go to www.regattacentral.com Head of the Genesee

Every competing institution must register prior to racing.

Registration will open at 7 am on Saturday.

Registration will open at 6:30 am on Sunday,

Packets for Sunday racing can be picked up between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m on Saturday.

Registration can be found at the white tent in the traffic circle.


All members of collegiate crews must be a matriculating student of their respective university

or college. Any crew containing an ineligible competitor will be assumed to be knowingly

violating the rules and will be disqualified from the competition.

Saturday Afternoon Practice

Crews are permitted to row over the racecourse Saturday afternoon 15 minutes after the last

race of the day. No crews will be allowed to launch after 6:30 p.m. on Saturday as it is

unsafe to do so. Crews violating this rule will be penalized 60 seconds and/or disqualified

from the regatta.


Weigh-ins will be for light-weight rowers and coxswains of light-weight boats only. The

weigh-ins will be conducted on Saturday and  Sunday morning starting at 8:00 am. Weigh-ins will be held

at the registration tent or the small boathouse/bathrooms. All rowers in a boat must weigh in together as a crew with the

coxswain. Requirements for men are 165 pounds or less. Requirements for women are135

pounds or less. A Coxswain in a men's boat must weigh a minimum of 120 pounds and a

coxswain in women's boat must weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. Lightweight coxswains

must weigh in and carry weight if they do not make weight. A lightweight crew failing to

make weight will NOT be allowed to row.


Coaches and Coxswains Meeting

Will be held outside the Registration tent adjacent to the Announcer's platform. A

representative of each participating school must be present. Times for meetings:

″ Saturday Morning 8:15 a.m.

″ Sunday Morning 7:40 a.m.

Wrist Bands

Due to the limited size of the venue launching area the Regatta Officials will be enforcing the

wearing of Athlete/Coaches wristbands at this years event. Parents and friends will not be

permitted in the launching areas. No crew will be permitted to launch without wearing their

wristbands .Wrist bands will be in the registration packets.

Tent Space

Space has been set aside on the opposite side of the river for ALL teams to set up a

hospitality tent for their rowers. Tents can be set up in the trailer areas, however any parents or spectators will have to walk around to the viewing side of the river ? they are not allowed in the launch, finish line and/or timing areas.


Launching Procedures

Because of the large number of competing crews, it is important that all crews adhere exactly

to the launching instructions, following the assigned sequence, time, and launching dock.

Crews are asked to adhere to the launch scheduled. This means that crews should have all oars

and equipment ready and close to the dock when boats are carried down for launching.




Schedules will be provided showing launch times, dock assignments, and start times for the

races on both days. SUNDAY NOTE: Launch and start times, dock assignments, and bow

numbers for the afternoon racing on Sunday will be posted when available. Your finish in the

Sunday morning race will determine your launch times for the afternoon. (Slower boats

launch and race first.) Look for posted instructions for the afternoon racing along with the

morning race results.

″ Pick up your afternoon bow number and tags at the timing window of the GWC.

″ Please pay close attention to instructions from the dockmasters and be ready to launch

quickly in the proper sequence. Thank you!

Bow Numbers

Bow numbers for all Saturday and Sunday (AM races only) will be included in your race

packet. They will be collected at the dock after the head race.

On Sunday, bow numbers for the afternoon sprints must be picked up at the registration tent

prior to launching. These new numbers will conform to launch and start schedules. Slower

2009 Head of the Genesee Regatta

boats in the morning will start first in the sprints in bow number sequence. Be sure to note

your lane assignment. Odd number bow numbers race in lane 1 (closest to the docks.) Even

number bow numbers race in lane 2.

Each crew should display a bow number and pinned number on numbers for the backs of the

bow seat rower and coxswain. Please hand in your bow numbers at the end of the day - we

need them for next year!

Boat Recovery

As soon as racing has started, the farthest downstream (North) dock will be used primarily for

boats to land. Crews should land and remove their boats as quickly as possible so that other

crews can land. As soon as all launching is completed, every dock will be available for

landing. Listen to the dock master, as docks further upstream may open up temporarily.

The RiverMaps will be provided and reviewed at each coxswain meeting

The Genesee River flows from south to north. The start lines for both morning and afternoon

races are upstream of the boathouse. As you stand on the docks and face the water, upstream

is to your right. Refer to the map to see the location of the race courses.

Course Description: The Head Course (Saturday and Sunday)

The starter will start boats at roughly 15-second intervals. You should line up in bow

number sequence. After the start, keep to the right of the buoys that mark the return

lane. You will then head into a long right bend. The turn straightens out for about 1/2

mile, at which point you pass under the high-tension wires. Here, you can start to

come out into the middle of the river, to be lined up for the left turn entering the Sbend.

The start of the S-bend is at the 1-mile mark.

Once in the S-bend, keep to the right, but look out for the large trees snagged on the

shore (marked by red buoys). The S-bend ends with a left turn that straightens out

into a long stretch where the start of the sprint course will be located.

At the canal, you'll have to make a right to be lined up through the pedestrian bridge.

Take the center arch or the right (east) arch. The west arch is closed and used only for

crews rowing to the starting line.

Course Description: The Sprint Course (Sunday afternoon only)

The sprint course is a two-lane course 1500m in length. It finishes at the boathouse, starting

upstream (south) of the boathouse. Lane 1 is the lane closest to the boathouse.

Sprints will start at approximately 1-minute intervals. A marshal's boat will be at the south

(upstream) end of the S-bend; you should be next to the boat you are paired with. The

marshal will then send you into the S-bend towards the start.

The starts are a running start. Listen for the starting referee to call you forward. If there is an

uneven number of entries in a division, the first boat (Bow #1) will row the course alone. The

2009 Head of the Genesee Regatta

starting line is angled with respect to the course to account for the straightened finish and

angled turn on the course.

Remember: Although crews will row the sprint course in pairs in equal lanes, you are racing

against the clock. Final results will be determined by times for each boat, so an exactly even

start is desirable, but not necessary.

Both lanes go through the center arch of the pedestrian bridge only. At the turn, your shell

must be inside the buoys; you may put the turn buoys under the starboard riggers. The large

buoys mark the finish line. Look for your target on the shore beyond the finish line - for

coxswains to aim at. You will be penalized if you are out of your lane.


It is our goal to provide racing opportunities that are as equitable as possible for all

competitors in the regatta. We do this in the spirit of competitive racing and hope that our

efforts provide equal opportunity to reach maximum performance for all crews. Above all

else, we hope that the spirit of sportsmanship, that is a part of the rowing tradition, will


APPEALS: The decisions on questions of interference and buoy violations will be final and

are not subject to appeal.

STARTING: Our goal is to provide a regatta that is run on time. This will benefit the

competitors as well as provide a day of racing that is exciting to the spectators.




We will not wait for latecomers. Boats that arrive late to the start MAY be allowed to start at

the back of the pack at the discretion of the starter, and may be assessed a 60 second penalty.

"HOT SEATING" of boats will not be allowed. No accommodations will be made for crews

attempting to hot seat. All boats are expected to follow the instructions of the starter and


The Head Course (Saturday and Sunday morning)

Head Race Course - The head race is a 5K course starting approximately 100 meters

upstream of the railroad bridge, running down stream and ending at the Genesee

Waterways Boathouse complex. Our river is narrow in places so while rowing

upstream to the start you must stay along the starboard bank. The lane for going up

stream will be clearly marked. You may pass a slower boat but must then get back in

the lane to continue rowing upstream. THERE IS NEVER AN EXCUSE FOR

INTERFERING WITH A RACE IN PROGRESS! If you interfere with a race in

progress you will be penalized or disqualified.

2009 Head of the Genesee Regatta

The following rules of racing apply:

″ You must start in numeric order and at the direction of the marshals and the

starter's boat. Crews starting out of order, are late to the start, or ignore a marshals

command may be penalized a 60-second penalty at the discretion of the starter.

″ Boats on the race course need to stay on the eastern two thirds of the river

(starboard side). Encroachment into the upstream lane is dangerous and you will

be subject to immediate disqualification.

″ The riggers and oars of a boat may go over any buoys marking turns but the hull

of the boat must remain on the appropriate side.(Safety concern: Red Buoys indicate

water hazards - do not row with oars over red buoys). Cutting a buoy with the hull of the

boat is a 10 second buoy violation.

″ Crews may pass a slower boat on either side of that boat but must commit to one

side or the other and, once committed, you are expected to maintain that position

until the pass is completed. Boats being overtaken must give the overtaking boat room

to pass on the side chosen by the overtaking boat. Do not press the right of-way to the

point of collision. The offending boat that interferes with another crew will be assessed a

60 second penalty

″ The boat that is passing can not force the slower boat into a position where they

must stop in order to avoid clashing oars, a dangerous obstacle, or going off the

marked course .

″ A boat being overtaken must move out of the way of the boat that is approaching

according to which side that boat has committed. However, the boat being

overtaken is not expected to stop or to move into a position that could be

dangerous to equipment or to the rowers.

″ All boats must have an assigned bow marker affixed to the bow of the boat and

that same number pinned visibly to the back of the bow seat rower and coxswain.

No number ? no time..

″ At the end of the race you must continue rowing through the Elmwood Avenue

Bridge before turning and heading to the dock. Continue paddling downstream

after the finish. Failure to vacate the finish will be assessed a 60 second penalty. If

while waiting in line your boat interferes with a race in progress, you will be


″ Listen for instructions from the dock master on where to land.

2009 Head of the Genesee Regatta

The Sprint Course: (Sunday afternoon only)

1. Each crew must be on time to row in the assigned sequence and against the assigned boat.

Lane 1 is the lane closest to the docks. Penalty for missing the start sequence is 20 seconds.

″ The bow number for your afternoon time trial will be different from the morning.

A representative of your crew must pick up that bow number from the registration

tent after the afternoon pairings are posted. Each crew must have assigned numbers

affixed to the bow of the boat and to the back of the bow seat rower and coxswain.No

number - no time.

″ You will be disqualified if you use your morning bow numbers.

″ Rules for rowing to the start, obeying the directives of the marshals and starter are

the same as the morning time trial.

″ You must remain in your assigned lane for the entire time trial.

″ Oars and riggers may encroach into the other lane as long as the hull remains in the

appropriate lane AND you do not interfere with the other boat.

″ Match races will be started at intervals that should allow crews to evacuate the

finish line area but you must proceed at a paddle away from the finish and through

the Elmwood Avenue Bridge before turning. Any crew that interferes with a race

may be penalized or disqualified.

Penalties for all races (Saturday and Sunday)

″ 10 seconds for interference

″ 20 seconds additional for failure to stop rowing in the case of a collision

″ 10 seconds for a buoy violation by the hull of the boat

″ 60 second for not starting in correct order, or late to start.

″ For Sunday afternoon racing, penalties are added after the raw time is multiplied by 3.


Protests must be made on the water to the finish line official. A deposit of $25 is required. If

the protest is upheld, the $25 will be refunded.

Enjoy the day!