Pittsford Regatta

  • May 29, 2010 To May 30, 2010
  • sprint
  • Schoen Place
  • Pittsford, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By Pittsford Crew
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

The race is held on the Erie Canal in Pittsford, NY. The canal is ideal for racing, as it is sheltered flat water with very little boat traffic.All Master's events (singles, doubles, four, and eights) are held over a 1600meter course, run head style.All Scholastic eights and fours are run in match style over two lanes and a distance of 1100 meters. A bicycle path extends the length of the course for great spectator viewing. The bicycle path is also a great place from which coaches can watch the races. Of course, coaches can not coach from the path during the race, but you knew that already.

A map of the race course is given here: pir detail regatta map race course april 28 2007.pdf

If you want to watch the sprint start, we recommend walking down the bicycle path that extends the length of the course.If you want to go to the Master's start line, you can walk down the canal path, or you can drive to the neighborhood. If you do the latter, walk up the small path that is opposite the driveway for 47 Meadow Cove, Pittsford.

Click  to see the Mapquest map. NOTE: The Google map is not quite up to date - keep driving until you find #47.

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