Stonewall Regatta

  • Hosted By: D.C. Strokes Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
This is the FINAL heat sheet for Sunday's race.  Not much has changed  since the last edition,
but some boats had to be changed as their age group changed.  Bring all changes, scratches,
etc to the registration table Sunday morning.

Heat Sheet 
***Please note, after the final was printed, a major error was found.  The times for races 4 - 12 are incorrect and should read as follows:

#4 MO4+ Open (1) at 9:09

#5 MO4+ Open (2) at 9:17

#6 MM1x (D) @9:25

#7 MM1x (EFH) at 9:33

#8 MM1x (ABC) at 9:41

#9 MNov4+ at 9:49

#10 WM1x (DF) at 9:57

#11 WM1x (BC) at 10:05

#12 MM2- at 10:13

As always, send concerns to