Princeton 3-Mile Chase

  • Hosted By: Carnegie Lake Rowing Association, Princeton University

The Princeton 3-Mile Chase has grown over the years and has exceeded the capacity of our facilities (parking, trailer space, boat storage, dock space, race course, etc.) threatening to jeopardize the race-day experience.  In an effort to maintain The Chase as a quality event for coaches, student athletes and spectators, we are planning to limit the number of entries this year. Although entry permission is available to any collegiate rowing program on RegattaCentral, only those listed as 'Guaranteed Entries' on the 'Rules & Eligibility' tab will be a guaranteed entry if submitted by the entry deadline of September 21stAll other entries are not guaranteed and will be reviewed after September 21st.  Based on available space you will be notified of any accepted entries, if any, on September 25th.Non-guaranteed entries should not submit payment until your entry has been accepted.We are sorry that we can not accommodate everyone that seeks to race at The Chase.
The Princeton Rowing Coaches