FSRA Sculling Championships

  • Hosted By Florida Scholastic Rowing Association
  • USRowing Registered

FSRA Sculling Championship Info:

With Saturday, April 14, being a transition day from the FIRA college championship to the FSRA sculling championship, several changes are being made to mitigate potential issues with teams coming and going. Your patience and understanding will be most helpful and appreciated.

Venue Layout:

Venue layout has the VIP/Hospitality tent in a similar location as last year’s state championship (~1800m) with vendors to the north toward the finish line and with team tents and then boats to the south toward the boat ramp.  Both FIRA and FSRA will be finishing at the 2000m mark which will be near north-end footbridge.  Grandstands and Regatta HQ trailer will be in this finish line area.  Vendors and picnic tables will fill in the area between the finish line and VIP tent.  Team tents will be just south of the VIP tent; space is first come, first served, after the college teams have cleared (~4:00 pm).  All boats will be north of the boat ramp; equipment will need to be removed from trailers and transferred to available racks. The start-line bridge will be relocated near the fishing pier (500m) for the FSRA races after Saturday practice session ends (~7:30 pm). 


Similar to past regattas, all vehicles except those transporting boats/equipment will park north of the venue. Parking is $5 per day. Trolleys will shuttle people between parking and the north-end footbridge access. Team buses may drop off rowers near the north-end footbridge before relocating to north-end parking area. Follow Parking Staff instructions.

North Entrance directions:

  • From I-75 take University Parkway (Exit 213).
  • Drive WEST on University Parkway (approximately 0.3 miles).
  • Turn SOUTH (left) on North Cattlemen Road (traffic light).
  • Drive approximately 0.5 miles following signs and pass thru 3 traffic circles.
  • As you approach 2nd traffic circle, watch for signs. Follow Parking Staff instructions.

All FSRA team trailers / boats arriving before 3:30 pm Saturday can expect to be staged in the large parking area at the south end of the lake until space is available. Follow Parking Staff instructions.

South Entrance directions:

  • From I-75 take Fruitville Road (Exit 210).
  • Drive WEST on Fruitville Road (approximately 1.2 miles).
  • Turn NORTH (right) on North Honore Avenue (traffic light).
  • Drive approximately 1.4 miles to Park entrance.
  • Turn EAST (right) at entrance to Park.
  • Follow Parking Staff instructions.
  • (Note: if using GPS, please set your destination to: 2300 North Honore Ave, FL 34235.)

Boat trailers will be angled parked along the access road south of the boat ramp and tow vehicles removed.  IMPORTANT: all boats loaded in the center sections of the trailer must be able to be removed from the hitch-end of the trailer; the back-end of the trailer will NOT be accessible.  NOTE: once trailers are parked, equipment must be unloaded and carried north of the boat ramp to be placed on boat racks which will be provided by the LOC.

Utility/supply trailers will be allowed access after the college teams have cleared the area (~4:00 pm). Utility trailers arriving after 6:30 am Sunday will NOT be allowed access. Utility trailers will remain in place until racing complete (~4:45 pm). IMPORTANT: be mindful that vehicles pulling utility trailers will be passing through boat rack/launching area; BOATS have right of way as they can be easily damaged if hit be a moving vehicle.


FIRA is expected to be done and off the water by 3:30 pm Saturday (weather permitting).  FSRA plans to have the course open for practice from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Regatta HQ Trailer:

Lightweight weigh-in and Junior validation will occur at the Regatta HQ trailer near finish line area.


Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions