Head of the Housatonic

  • Hosted By New Haven Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Important News We added new Junior events with new caps. To establish a more competitive racing environment for juniors, we created 2nd Jr men's and women's 8+ and 4+ events. Junior men and women now have three 8+ events and two 4+ events.  

Given the increase in Jr 4+ and 8+ events, we also set a per club maximum of 1 entry per event for 4+s and 8+s. This change will ensure that more schools are able to enter before the event cap closes registration.

After you have entered your crew in the event, you may add an unlimited number of crews to the WAIT LIST for each event.  To add crews to the WAIT LIST, scroll down the Entries page to find the WAIT LIST corresponding to each of the Junior events.  Enter your crews on the WAIT LIST just as you would for an actual event.  We will work to accommodate as many WAIT LISTED crews as possible.  Crews will not be charged until they are moved into the actual event.

Additional information is available on the Head of the Housatonic website.