Blake Haxton Fall Invitational

  • Hosted By Upper Arlington Crew

Lodging information is available under the lodging section.  Please make your reservations early. 

GPS location for trailers is 3155 Riverside Dr. 43221

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Blake Haxton Fall Invitational Regatta

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Griggs Reservoir

Columbus, OH

Participating Teams =  (14 boys, 14 girls)

12-14 High Schools/juniors programs (Upper Arlington to host) will be racing at Griggs Reservoir on Saturday October 27, 2012.  Crews will race between 9 am and 4 pm. This information sheet is intended to help facilitate visiting crews.



  • 5000m “Henley-style start” Head race competition for high school age students in novice and varsity categories in 8’s and fours
  • 2 boats aligned rowing starts
  • Buoyed course with “protected water”
  • 5 Judges locations for course/competitor monitoring
  • Starting order based on prior year’s finishes in selected varsity events
  • “B” entries ONLY permitted in the 4th V 8’s, 4’s, 2nd Nov 8’s and 3rd Nov 4’s
  • Two dock sites: Club docks north of marina for launch and HS docks south of marina for take-out. Plan for 35-40’ to get to start line from docks. Counter-clockwise rotation for traffic.
  • On water safety personnel and on site EMS
  • Fees: Team Cap @ $850
  • Proceeds benefit UA Crew rower scholarship fund


Spectator Viewing:

Races may be observed ONLY from the Eastside riverbanks and walks. Best viewing is from Tent city site on top of Dam Keepers House hill (last 1300m of racing visible). Additional viewing is available along the east shore south of Fishinger Rd bridge. Due to safety concerns from the police, no standing or observing of the races will be allowed from the Fishinger Road Bridge or from the private property along the Westside riverbanks.


Parking:  NO HS parent or team vehicles will be permitted north of the Fishinger Rd. Bridge

The Columbus rowing community has assured the police and park representatives that the park will not be damaged by the event, that the park will remain accessible to the public, and that lanes will be maintained for emergency vehicles, which will require that competitors and spectators comply with the traffic and parking plan described below.


Parking or driving on the grass is strictly prohibited.  Cars parked in undesignated areas in the park, in the merchant lots, along Riverside Drive or on side streets may be ticketed and towed.  There will be UA Crew parent volunteers directing traffic.  Please follow their instructions.


Trailer and Rowing Coaches Parking

  • High school trailers and coaches will park in the Marina Lot by Shelter House #1 near the Dam and just below the UA Boatyard.   Overflow boat trailers may be parked up the hill by the UA boatyard.
  • Boats will be offloaded, rigged, and launched from the UA Crew docks.  COACHES: Bring ground chucks and slings.

Please note that the marina docks may be on land in the parking lot at this time, so it will be important to park around these docks so that emergency vehicles can pass through the lot.

Team Food/Tent Trailers

Trailers carrying food and tents should travel east on Rt 33 and slow down in the far right lane to access the Tent City area. The access road is between Eastcleff and Zollinger Rds. Assistance with Police presence will only be available from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm Friday October 26, 2012. Arrivals BEFORE OR AFTER those times should enter at the Police substation parking lot and wait for instructions from parking volunteers (or security personnel after 9:00 pm).

Bus Parking

Buses will off-load rowers in the Nottingham Rd. parking lot. Rowers should prepare to walk the ¼ mile to the launch area.  Buses should expect to begin loading rowers at the Nottingham Lot beginning around 5:00pm.  Valuable items (wallets, purses, cell phones, etc.) should be left on the bus.


Private Car (rower/parent/volunteer) Parking

There will be ONLY 10 spaces per visiting team reserved in the Nottingham Rd. parking lot.  Drivers affiliated with UA are required to park off-site – preferably in the high school parking lot.  Carpooling from the high school lot is encouraged.

Additional spectator parking will be available in the lower campground parking lot. Shuttle buses will transport spectators from the remote lot to the police substation hill and/or the Nottingham Rd parking lot.

The park road between Nottingham Rd and the dam will be closed to cars and buses. Only emergency vehicles will be permitted along the park road launching area.



Teams should plan to be onsite NO LATER THAN 7:00 am for registration. Coaches and Coxswains meeting starts at 8:00 am.

New for 2012:

  • Will have coffee and light breakfast for coaches and a tent for their bus drivers.  Also, if they need anything on site, we'll have a number of folks who can assist through contact with Heather Haxton. She will be onsite and at the coxswains meeting to assist our visitors.

Racing Highlights and basic rules

  • All equipment must comply with US Rowing safety guidelines including, but not limited to, firmly affixed bowballs, intact shoe heel ties, sealed bow and stern deck compartments.
  • Coaches should NOT plan to use any rowers/equipment in events that are less than 90 minutes apart.
  • Boats should be rowed from the UA docks by the dam to the starting line immediately south of Hayden Run Bridge. There will be marshals to direct your crews. Boats MUST have their appropriate bow marker secured on their shell. A penalty of 30 seconds MAY be assessed for a missing bow marker.
  • Spectators should plan to arrive NO EARLIER than 7:30 am in the Nottingham Parking Lot or lower camp ground lot. Parking volunteers will direct you.
  • Upper Arlington high school crews are to meet at the Upper Arlington High School Senior Parking lot at 6:00 am and carpool to the police substation parking lot.  At the conclusion of the scrimmage, UA high school rowers may be picked up by parents at the police substation parking lot.


Registration is available through Regatta Central. Registration and payment deadline is Monday October 15, 2012.

Racing Rules:

All US Rowing Rules of racing for head races will apply.

These include:

Safety equipment – bowballs, shoe heel ties, sealed decks, boat and oars in good working order.

Passing is done at the risk of the overtaking crew. HOWEVER, if a crew is within 1 length and is closing on the crew ahead of them, the crew being overtaken should yield so the overtaking crew is not impeded in its opportunity to pass.

Since the starts are 2 opposing crews simultaneously and there are about 30 seconds between starts, there is less opportunity to pass than in many head races. There are crews nearby to “race” against but the clock is the standard you will be judged by.


Missing bowmarker at start/finish (30 second penalty)

Interference or Unsafe passing/racing (60 second penalty)

Unsportmanslike Conduct (includes excessive foul language, failing to abide by race officials directions, etc) (Disqualification)


Any rower, coach, team official or team parent who, in the opinion of the race organizers is being abusive, uncooperative or unreasonable with race organizers, volunteers, city officials or other team personnel may be excluded from the remainder of the day’s events and may be asked to leave the park. Further penalties, including but not limited to the loss of the team’s invitation may be assessed in extreme circumstances.

Protests must be identified by the crew on the water and filed in a timely manner (generally within 30 minutes of the finish of the protested event) with race officials on the land along with $25 and a description of the reason for the protest. All protests will be decided at the discretion of the race organizers. This is not a US Rowing sanctioned event since US Rowing officials are not in attendance.

There will be NO protests considered for broken equipment. Once the crews enter the starting chute, they accept the start as is. If there are problems with equipment, please direct your coxswains/crews to ask the race officials for help. There will be limited boat parts (nuts, bolts, oarlocks, oar collars and wrenches available at the starting area. There MAY be blank bowmarkers available for any lost marker replacement.

TENTATIVE Schedule of Events:





7:00 am



8:00 am

Coxswains Meeting


9:00 am

B 1st Varsity 8

No B entries

9:15 am

B 2nd Varsity 8

No B entries

9:30 am

B 3rd Varsity 8

No B entries

9:45 am

B 4th  Varsity 8

B entries OKAY

10:00 am

G 1st  Varsity 4+

No B entries

10:15 am

G 2nd Varsity 4+

No B entries

10:30 am

G 1st Novice 8

No B entries

10:45 am

G 2nd Novice 8

B entries OKAY

11:00 am

B 1st  Novice 8

No B entries

11:15 am

G 3rd Varsity 4+

No B entries

11:30 am

G 4th  Varsity 4+

B entries OKAY

12:00 pm

B 3rd Novice 4+

B entries OKAY

12:15 pm BREAK



1:00 pm

B 1st Varsity 4+

No B entries

1:10 pm

B 2nd Varsity 4+

No B entries

1:25 pm

B 3rd Varsity 4+

No B entries

1:40 pm

G 1st Varsity 8

No B entries

1:55 pm

G 2nd Varsity 8

No B entries

2:05 pm

G 3rd Varsity 8

B entries OKAY

2:10 pm

G 1st Novice 4+

No B entries

2:25 pm

G 2nd Novice 4+

No B entries

2:40 pm

G 3rd Novice 4+

B entries OKAY

2:55 pm

B 2nd  Novice 8

B entries OKAY

3:10 pm

B 4th Varsity 4+

B entries OKAY

3:25 pm

B 1st Novice 4+

No B entries

3:40 pm

B 2nd Novice 4+

No B entries

4:00 pm

Announcement of Awards





On site EMS will be available adjacent to the Take in dock. Minor First aid will be available at the UA Crew Team Tent at the UA Boatyard.  The Columbus Police and Columbus and UA Fire Departments would be the first 911 responders and have been made aware of the event.



UA Crew has accepted responsibility for picking up and removing trash generated by the high school crews.  Please place all trash in the trash bags/boxes along the park road for pickup by UA volunteers.



Watch for a list of lost and found items to be posted on the UA Crew website.


Directions to the Park at Griggs Reservoir:

From the Southeast – Take I-70 West to SR 315 N. Follow SR 315N to Rt 33 West/Dublin Rd.

Travel West on Rt 33 approximately 3.5 miles to the intersection of Rt 33 and Nottingham Rd.

Turn LEFT into the park at Nottingham Rd. and follow the directions of parking volunteers.


From the Northwest – Take Rt 23 South to I-270 West. Follow I-270 West to Exit 13 – Fishinger Rd/Upper Arlington. Turn LEFT off the exit and follow Fishinger Rd/Mill Run Rd through the Mill Run shopping area. Continue on Mill Run Rd/Fishinger Rd until you cross the Scioto River (approx 2.5 miles). Turn RIGHT onto Rt 33 East and travel one block to the intersection of Rt 33 East and Nottingham Rd.

Turn LEFT into the park at Nottingham Rd. and follow the directions of parking volunteers.


From the Northeast. Take I-71 South to I-270 West. Follow I-270 West to Exit 13 – Fishinger Rd/Upper Arlington. Turn LEFT off the exit and follow Fishinger Rd/Mill Run Rd through the Mill Run shopping area. Continue on Mill Run Rd/Fishinger Rd until you cross the Scioto River (approx 2.5 miles). Turn RIGHT onto Rt 33 East and travel one block to the intersection of Rt 33 East and Nottingham Rd.

Turn LEFT into the park at Nottingham Rd. and follow the directions of parking volunteers.


Parent Vehicles - No more than 10 parent vehicles per team will be allowed to park in the Nottingham lot. Please follow the bus directions below to then carpool to the HS and then return to Nottingham.


Trailers and Tow vehicles will be directed to enter the park at the Police Substation entrance and park in the Marina Lot. Follow the directions of parking volunteers.


Team Tent vehicles will enter the Tent City hill from Rt 33. Please watch for signs and parking volunteers to help you access the area. No tent Staking in the grass in tent city. Use weights on tent stays only.


Buses will be directed to enter the park at the Nottingham Rd entrance, unload rowers at the park rd entrance. Rowers should walk the approximately ¼ mile to the Marina Lot.  Buses should then follow the directions of parking volunteers.

Overflow vehicles should enter the lower campground parking lot immediately south of the Police substation hill. Parking volunteers will direct all overflow vehicles. Shuttle buses will be available throughout the day to transport between the lower lot, Cop hill and Nottingham lot.

Also in 2012

Scioto River Enclosure

There will be a hospitality tent for those interested for $25 per person. This includes private restroom facilities, refreshments, and a private viewing area.

Shout Outs - There are shout out opportunities for teams/family members to support their favorite rower for inclusion in the program and announced throughout the regatta day. This is available for $25 each.

Vendor area - There will be a vendor area with t-shirts and other items for sale.

For additional information please contact Gail and Amy at