Tony Biernacki Sr. Memorial Regatta

  • Hosted By: Brock Rowing Club

This regatta is sanctioned by RCA and will follow the RCA rules of racing with the following exceptions

EXCEPTIONS TO RCA RULES OF RACING This regatta will follow theRowing Canada Aviron Rules of Racing, with the divergences (per section 1.7)below 

2.1 The Definition of aCompetitor·All participants from Canadian clubs must becurrently registered in the Competitive Fee category with their provincialfederation and rowing Canada prior to racing. ·Athletes from clubs outside of Canada must bemembers of their national federation, and must submit a signed waiver prior to the start of the regatta.·Crews consisting of members from multipleclubs may be entered. Such crews will be designated as composite.

2.6 Weighing of Coxswains·There will be no weighing of coxswains 

2.8 Masters Handicap System·Handicaps, where necessary, will be applied at the finish. Handicaps will be calculated per the attached table.

 2.11 Weighing of Lightweights·There will be one weigh-in beginning 1hour prior to the start of racing for the day and ending one hour after racingbegins. The weights will be: Women 60kg (132lbs); Men 74kg (163lbs)

9.3 Events with 7 or moreEntries·If there are multiple age categories in theevent published in the schedule (ie. race event #1) the race will be dividedinto two finals separating age groups with the second final run 3 minutes afterthe first final. ·If there is only one age category published in the schedule (ie. race event #9) then there will be heats prior to finalswith the winner of each heat and the next fastest times advancing to a 6 boatfinal.

10.3 Starting procedure (with flags)·An RCA Umpire will sound ahorn instead of the word "Go" for races without handicap.

10.20 Appeals·Appeals against a decision ofthe Board of the Jury will not be permitted.

11.17-4/5/6 Duties of the Umpire·Amended to suit stationary umpiring from thestarters platform, 500m position and finish tower. (Umpires will remain stationary unless safety requires them to move) 



 A master shall be placed in the age category shown below corresponding to the age reached 

during the current calendar year: 



 AA age:  21 - 26 years  

 A  age:  27  - 35 years  

 B age:  36 – 42 years  

 C age:  43 – 49 years  

 D age:  50 - 54 

 E age:  55 - 59 

 F age:  60 - 64 

 G age:  65 - 69 

 H age:  70 - 74 

 I age:  75 and over 


 Age categories do not apply to coxswains. The average age calculation and minimum age 

exclude the coxswain. Every Masters competitor must be able to provide proof of age by 

producing official documentation with photo upon request. 


 Each competitor shall be responsible for his/her own health and fitness. 

 At the discretion of the Organizing Committee, Masters events may be raced together due to 

insufficient entries. 


2.8 Masters Handicap System 

If insufficient entries are received to warrant races in any age category a handicap system 

shall be applied to the actual finish times. In events for singles (1x), a handicap of one 

second per year of age difference will be subtracted from the finish time of the oldest 

competitor in the race relative to the youngest competitor(s) in the race. For crew boats, the 

handicap shall be based on the average age of the crew, i.e., its classification, and a one 

second handicap per year of age difference will be subtracted from the finish times of the 

older crews in a given classification. If there are crews of differing age within a classification, 

their ages will be averaged before the handicap is applied. The Organizing Committee will 

calculate and publish the handicaps on the racing program. 


2.9 Mixed Masters Events 

Mixed crew events may be held for Masters crews in which half of the crew, excluding the 

coxswain, shall be women and half shall be men. The coxswain may be of either sex.