Philadelphia Turn & Burn

  • Hosted By: Philadelphia Children's Foundation

For a PDF version of these instructions, click here  Last updated November 10, 2012

Turn and Burn Regatta                                                            

1,500 Meter Turn Race

Marshall below the Columbia Avenue Bridge on the west side

Start at the finish line tower; proceed upstream in Lane 6.  Faster boats pass towards the inside (Lane 5).
Turn around buoys at 750 meter mark.
Proceed downstream in Lane 2 to finish line tower. Faster boats pass towards the inside (Lane 3).

  • Lane 4 is closed.
  • Lanes 0 and 1; downstream non-race traffic to marshaling area only or to the public dock.
    There are a handful of Burn races where lane 1 is used.  Check the schedule for those times.
  • West side of island; upstream non-race traffic only.