Head of the Orchard

  • Oct 6, 2012
  • head
  • Orchard Lake, MI (USA)
  • Hosted By: St. Mary's Preparatory Crew Booster Club


Indian Trail will be closed on race day.

Boat Trailer Drivers: Please plan on arriving the night before or by 7:00 am Saturday morning.  Your parking area is to be accessed from COMMERCE ROAD.  It will be easier to make the turn upon departure on Indian Trail and will allow 1-way traffic flow.  Enter on Commerce and exit on to Indian Trail.

Food Trailer Drivers:  You may set-up the night before.  We recommend opening the trailer Saturday morning.  Please enter the tent area off of INDIAN TRAIL Rd. by the Crew Boat House.  You will than drive onto the grass and your set-up area.  1st come selection.

Handicap Assistance: Those needing assistance, please enter Indian Trail off of Commerce Road.  We also will have golf carts available from the parking area.

Participants: The regatta committee will have volunteers directing traffic on Commernce Road.  Please refer to the attached pdf for directions.  Please do not drop off passengers in the boat trailer area.  Drop-offs may be on Indian Trail early in the day before the road closes at 7:00 am.  To aid in offsetting regatta costs, we are requesting $5.00 per car to park on St. Mary's grounds.  Thank you for your understanding.


3535 Indian Trail Road

Orchard Lake, MI 48324

 Head of the Orchard - Directions.pdf