RBC / RCA  National Rowing Championships 2012

RCA’s Vice President, Administration, Brian Lamb, a member of VCRC, will be the Regatta Chair of the Organizing Committee and Wayne van Osterhout of Victoria, will be the Chief Umpire for the regatta. For details on who can enter the regatta, the events and rules specific to the NRC, please peruse the NRC Technical Package (TP) that was circulated May18th, 2012.

Highlights from theTechnical Package (TP) and other registration information follows.


A change for 2012 is that entries will be accepted from the Provincial rowing associations and the RCA National Training Centres. Athletes training at the NTC’s will compete under the national training centre designation.The RCA High Performance Director will provide a roster of national training centre athletes to the regatta Organizing Committee prior to the entry deadline. Sport Canada carded athletes assigned to and training at a National Development Centre or Talent Development Centre will be eligible to enter only through their respective provincial/territorial rowing association.

All athletes entering the NRC are required to be registered with RCA in the competitive rower category through a member rowing club prior to the province/NTC making an entry for the athlete. The affiliated club name will be required with the entry to enable athletes to be ranked and points awarded to the athlete’s province.

Please review the stipulations about club affiliation in section 4.2 of the TP.2


October 29th, 11:59PM PST


For the 2012 NRC, the entry fee will be $70.00 per athlete, that is to say, $70.00 per entry in a single scull event and $140.00 per entry in a pair oared event or Adaptive double sculls event. However, the entry fee per athlete for Adaptive events shall be $50 and the Adaptive coxed four event which shall be $250.00in total. All entries will be subject to 12% HST.


Please note that late entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm PST on Wednesday, November 7th. Late entries will be accepted ONLY if they do not require the addition of another race. Late entries fees are double the respective event fee.


Races shall be held for the following able bodied boat classes: single sculls (1x), pair (2-). For Adaptive competition, the Leg, Trunk and Arms Mixed Cox Four (LTAMix4+) Trunk and Arms Mixed Double (TAMix2x) and the Arms and Shoulders only single sculls for men and women (ASM1x), (ASW1x) will be the types of events for the next few years of the NRC.

The RCA age categories of Senior, Under 23, and Junior will be utilized in the able bodied boat classes.

The 22 events at the National Rowing Championships will be:

Women Single Sculls - W1x

Lightweight Women Single Sculls - LW1x

Under 23 Women Single Sculls - BW1x

Under 23 Lightweight Women Single Sculls - BLW1x

Junior Women Single Sculls - JW1x

Women Pair - W2-

Under 23 Women Pair - BW2-

Junior Women Pair - JW2-

Men Single Sculls - M1x

Lightweight Men Single Sculls - LM1x

Under 23 Men Single Sculls - BM1x

Under 23 Lightweight Men Single Sculls - BLM1x

Junior Men Single Sculls - JM1x

Men Pair - M2-

Lightweight Men Pair - LM2-

Under 23 Men Pair - BM2-

Under 23 Lightweight Men Pair - BLM2-

Junior Men Pair - JM2-

Arms/Shoulders only Women Single Sculls - ASW1x

Arms/Shoulders only Men Single Sculls - ASM1x

Trunk and Arms Mixed Double - TAMix2x

Leg, Trunk and Arms Mixed Coxed Four - LTAMix4+


Maximum 50% of the crew. Single Scullers may be substituted only under exceptional circumstances and only at the discretion of the regatta chair.


Withdrawals can be made up to October 29th without penalty.


After October 29th scratch fees are $50.00 per scratch and a name change is $5.00.


Crew changes must be made in writing to the Registrar at the Regatta Office.


The FISA maximum weight for a single sculler (male 72.5 kg, female 59 kg) shall be permitted in the lightweight single sculls events as well as in the lightweight pair oared events. The weigh-in protocol for rowers as described in the FISA

Rules of Racing [Rule 26] shall be followed at the 2012 NRC. Coxswains for the LTAMix4+ event shall be weighed in under the FISA Regulation Rule 22.


The racing distance on Elk Lake will be 1,850 metres for the able bodied events and 1,000 metres for the Adaptive events. The course will have six fully buoyed racing lanes.


On November 9th there will be heats if the number of entries warrant it. On Saturday, the repêchages and semi-finals will be held. On Sunday, the finals will be held.

To avoid having all the faster boats in an event being drawn into the same heat in the first round, a Seeding Panel, made up of representatives of the National Coaching staff, National Junior Team Leaders and the Inter-provincial Coaches Committee shall seed the entries in the heats according to approved seeding criteria.

The 18 able-bodied events will be grouped as follows and they will be raced in heats, repêchages, semi-finals and finals within the groups as shown here:

Group 1 JW1x, BW1x, W1x

Group 2 JW2-, BW2-, W2-

Group 3 BLW1x, LW1x

Group 4 JM1x, BM1x, M1x

Group 5 JM2-, BM2-, M2-

Group 6 BLM1x, LM1x

Group 7 BLM2-, LM2-

Entries within a group will be seeded (as above) for the heats and remain in the group throughout the heats, repêchages, semi-finals and finals and will be awarded medals based on the performance within the event and group. For example, if in Final A of Group 1 the 1st and 2nd place boats were W1x entries and the third place boat was a JW1x entry, that athlete in the third place boat would be declared the bronze medallist of the W1x and the gold medallist in the JW1x.


Medals will awarded to the first place, second place and third place crews. Following common practice however, a crew must beat another crew to be awarded a medal.


Each province / territory as well as the national training centres, are responsible for the provision of all boats, oars and sculls as required for each race.

Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions