The Grand River Challenge

  • Hosted By: Grand Rapids Rowing Club

CATEGORIES (please be honest).

Junior Novice = 19 and under, currently enrolled in high school or equivalent, in their first year of rowing.
Junior = 19 and under, currently enrolled in high school or equivalent.
Open = Anyone welcome. Collegiate entries should use this category.
Masters = Adult competitive rowers.
Rec = AKA Masters Novice, Adult rowers in their first year of rowing competitively OR adult rowers with formal practices once weekly or less.

Men's: All rowers are male. One woman can be accepted into the lineup with prior approval of regatta committee.
Women's: All rowers are female.
Mixed: Half -or more- of rowers are female.

There are no lightweight categories.



USRowing rules will generally be followed.

Shells will dock running downstream (facing south), warming up downstream on the west side of the river, and will race upstream on the east side of the river.

As this event is early in the season, our refs will be nominally lenient, especially to recreational and novice crews. However, we will expect all crews to be cognizant of the rules and to act with respect and sportsmanship towards other crews and regatta personnel. Protests must be lodged with a referee while the crew is still on the water.

During the race, shells must yield if being overtaken. Failure to yield will lead to assessment of a penalty. The course will be buoyed in the center of the river and shells crossing the buoy line will be penalized.

Junior novice crews and recreational adult (masters novice) crews will finish at the first finish line (a gray shack on the west shore) and should move towards the center of the river (port) to allow crews racing to the second finish line (junior, masters, and open) to pass.

Using a public address system, an announcer will call crews to the dock 40, 30, and 25 minutes prior to the listed race time. Even so, it is ultimately the crew's responsibility to launch on time. Crews that arrive at the dock less than 10 minutes prior to their race time may be automatically scratched. Calls to the dock will be adjusted if the regatta runs late (although regatta staff will make every effort to run on time). Again, we recognize that this is an early regatta and may be the first race ever for some crews. Even so, we expect crews and coaches to keep track of the schedule.

We look forward to a fun day of challenging racing!