Oak Ridge Dogwood Regatta

  • Apr 26, 2014 To Apr 27, 2014
  • sprint
  • Melton Lake
  • Oak Ridge, TN (USA)
  • Hosted By: Oak Ridge Rowing Association, Inc.
  • USRowing Registered (Self-Insured regatta)

THE COURSE Rowing will be northwest to southeast downstream from the start near the Riverside Restaurant to the UT-Battelle Finish Tower.  The distance markers are placed on the eastern shore and will count toward the finish (0000 | 0500 | 1000 | 1500 | 2000). The course will include six (6) buoyed lanes with lane markers hung from the starting bridge. The lanes will be numbered from left to right (0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6). Lane six will be closest to the finish tower on the west side of course. Lane “0” is the travel lane toward the start that is on the east side of the course. This lane may be used if a 7th lane is needed, if so caution should be used when approaching the choke point located at 500m. A “Starter’s Tower” will also be utilized to aid in the teams viewing of the starter’s flag. Each lane is equipped with an individual loud speaker.