Tail of the Fox

  • Hosted By: La Baie Verte Rowing Club, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

The Packers will not be playing in Green Bay this weekend, so we will be the only game in town!  Please see www.packercountry.com for a list of hotels in the Green Bay area.  If you are looking for a convenient place to stay, consider the Kress Inn (920-403-5100).  It is next to the SNC campus, and you can walk to the regatta.

There will be limited floor space available at the Pennings Activity Center (PAC) on campus.  Please contact Roger Shellman at 920-499-7475 (home) or 920-848-3427 (work) if you would like to reserve space.  For groups of 20 or more that are considering taking advantage of the PAC, this year we are requiring that there be a responsible person for every 20 or less people, and will require their names and a cell phone number before checking in for the evening.