Head of the Class

  • Oct 14, 2006
  • head
  • Rexford, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By: Niskayuna Rowing

News for Head of the Class

Oct 13th.

-Heat sheets are up.  Sorry for the delay.  Thanks for your patience.  See you tomorrow morning; wear warm clothes.


Oct 10th.

-My computer is out of commission so I'm a bitstressed.  Please call me (Matt Hopkins) on my cell phone with anyproblems or questions (518- 378-3938) rather than emailing me.

Weare sorting out masters handicaps, starting orders and schedulerefinements and will have them all posted by Thursday the 12th.  Jrnovices (particularly the 2x's) any one have any?  We are looking atbreaking out novices for a separate catagory.


Sept 17th.

The first entries are starting to come in, that is good news.   Verbals from the crowd up at the Fish Creek 5000 indicate a much larger crowd at the Head of the Class for this year, also good news.   Now for the news:

-The schedule will soon reflect this, but we will add a class for Jr C's (Middleschoolers).  Keep and eye out on the schedule and please don't register those C's until the system is ready for them.