Head of the Class

  • Oct 14, 2006
  • head
  • Rexford, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By: Niskayuna Rowing

Awards and Results:   Awards presentations (Medals, jerseys, and gear)will happen immediately after each race as soon as the boats land onthe dock.  There is a 1000m cool down row from the finish to thedock.   Results will be announced verbally to the rowers from shore asthey approach the dock and posted at the boathouse after each race.  

Additionalcategories:   Additional categories (Novice, Collegiate, Novice Master,Jr. B, Ltwts) will be added as warranted, 5 entries will constitute acategory.    Register early to insure the creation of additionalcategories, entries received after Oct. 6 will not necessarily causethe creation of additional categories.

Master’s agegroups/handicapping:   Where 5 or more entries exist, separate Master’sage categories will be created using USRA masters age groupings.  Wherethere are less than 5 entries per age category, different agecategories will race together using a time handicap.  

Fees:  1x $15, 2x/- $20, 4x $40

Age categories based on age as of Dec. 1 of 2006.
Juniorup to 18, Jr. B up to 16, Masters (A) 27-35, (B) 36-42, (C) 43-49,(D)50-54, (E) 55-59, (F) 60-64, (G) 65-69, (H) 70-74, (I) 75-79, (H) 80and over.

Ltwts:   130 lbs women, 160 lbs men.