USRowing Southeast Regional Championships

  • Jun 27, 2015 To Jun 28, 2015
  • sprint
  • Lake Olmstead
  • Augusta, GA (USA)
  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2016 Owned Regatta

2015 USRowing Southeast Regional Championship Regatta June 27-28, 2015 


Lake Olmstead, Augusta, GA


The 2015  USRowing Southeast Regional Championship Regatta will be held on June 27-28,2015 on Lake Olmstead, Augusta, 
GA, the site of the 1994 USRowing Masters National Championship Regatta.  Racing will be spread over two days, Saturday and Sunday. Racing is scheduled to conclude around 1:00pm on Sunday.


Participation in this regatta is restricted to members of USRowing. Unaffiliated single scullers and all other participants must be individual members. All organizations must be organizational members. Participants from outside the Southeast Region may participate, competing for medals only. Team Points will be scored only by Southeast Organizations.



Juniors (1000m): Men 1X, 2X, . Junior 1X, 2X. Mixed 2X.


Open: 1000m) Men 1X, Lt 1X, 2X. Women 1X, Lt1X, 2X, 4X.  


Novice (1000m)Men 1X Women 1X


Masters (1000m) Men 1X, 2X, 4X, 2-, 4+, 8+, Lt 1X, Lt 2X  

    Women 1X, 2X, 4X, 4+, 8+, Lt 1X, Lt 2X

    Mixed 2X, 4X, 4+, 8+

Specialty RacesL500-1000m?) Mixed Family 2X, Parent/Child 2X


*** Other events can be added if there are at least 3 entries per event. To add

events, contact Jim Buckalew, before Thursday, June 16, 2015 at 304-550-0280 or


Entries: All Entries are to be completed online at by Wednesday, June 16, 2015.


Entry Fees: Singles: $__, Doubles/Pairs: $__, Fours/Quads: $__, Eights: $___,          Entry fees and

forms and waivers are DUE on or before Wednesday, June 16, 2015.


Any Checks, please make payable to: USRowing


Send all correspondence to:


Jim Buckalew

360 Mill Branch Way

North Augusta, SC 29860

Registration: Teams and individuals are to verify entries at the course on Friday, June 26, 2015 at 5:00PM. Registration verification will also be available on Saturday morning, June 27at 6:30 am, and Sunday morning, June 28 at 6:30 am.

Waiver: If you are a member of USRowing, you can now sign your waiver online. Visit and click on the waiver button to the right of the home page. If you need to join or renew, you may sign the waiver online at that time. If you have signed the waiver on-line or have submitted a waiver to USRowing, you do not need to sign another one for this event.




Junior- Rowers must be 18 years of age or younger as of December 31, 2015, OR

have just completed attending high school this academic year (2014-15).


Lightweight- Men = 160 pound max. No Average.


Women = 130 Pound max. No Average. **** Weigh-ins will be conducted at the race course prior to the beginning of racing each day, from 6:30am-7:30am.

Lightweights that make weight on Saturday are certified for the entire weekend. Lightweights that only row on Sunday may weigh in on Saturday or Sunday


Master- rowers who have or will attain the age of at least 27 during the current calendar year. Again this year, the AA category will be available for competitors ages 22-26.

A competitor’s age is determined as of December 31 of the current calendar year. The age of the Crew is determined by the average age of the crew rounded down to the highest contained integer. The coxswain’s age shall not be counted. Each member of the crew with the exception of the coxswain must be within the masters/age limitations.Mixed- one half of the rowers in the boat must be men and half of the rowers in the boat must be women.


Novice- The novice rower must be within his or her first year (12

months) of beginning rowing.


Boat Storage and Trailer Parking: The boat storage area will officially be available at noon, Friday, June 26. Please be courteous to others and keep cars out of the boat storage area.

There is ample parking on site. Bring your own slings and racks. NOTE: Bring tarps or tents for shade! Even though there are plenty of shade sites, you may wish to have more.


Bow Balls, Bow Numbers, and Safety:

Bow balls are required equipment.


Check all boats to ensure that they are equipped with quick release foot gear as described in the current edition of the USRowing Rules of Rowing.


Bow coxed boats are to be in compliance as well.


Bow numbers will be available for a returnable $5 deposit. Or you may wish to use your own. Please be sure to return regatta owned bow markers after each of your race(s).


Regatta Meeting: The regatta meeting for all scullers, coaches, and coxswains will be held on Friday at 6:00pm at the course. This will be a short meeting to cover any special issues regarding the regatta.