St. Mary's Prep Laddie Cup

  • May 7, 2016
  • sprint
  • Orchard Lake, MI (USA)
  • Hosted By: St. Mary's Preparatory Crew Booster Club


Saint Mary's Laddie Cup

presented by the St. Mary's Alumni and Crew Booster Clubs




Year 1st Overall 2nd Overall 3rd Overall
2015 Rockford (274) AA Pioneer (245) St. Ignatius (215)
2014 St. Ignatius(193) Rockford (116) OLSM (115)


Year 1st, Men 2nd, Men 3rd, Men 1st Women 2nd Women 3rd Women
2015 St. Ignatius (215) St. John's (110) AA Skyline (87) Rockford (188) AA Pioneer (175) AA Skyline (110)
2014 St. Ignatius (193) OLSM (115) Rockford (70) AA Huron (75) AA Pioneer (60) Rockford (46)
2013 OLSM (113) Rockford (106)

Dublin  (90)

Rockford (138) AA Huron (130) AA Pioneer (60)
2012 St. Ignatius  (151) Rockford (108) OLSM (98) Rockford (130) Det. B.C. (100) St. Ursala (96)
2011 OLSM (158) A2 Pioneer  (85) Rockford (85) Rockford (150) A2 Pioneer (95) A2 Skyline (83)
2010* OLSM  (44) A2 Pioneer (27) Rockford (8) Rockford (22) A2 Pioneer (22) A2 Skyline (9)

* Scoring point system changed after the 2010 regatta.  Point totals were not maintained prior to 2010.

St. Mary's Preparatory has been rowing on Orchard Lake for 39-years.  Our spring regatta began as a Match Race with St. Ignatius and St. John's.  In 2010, the regatta was changed to a sprint cup challenge.  Ladies were added the same year and the competition grew to 10-crews.  In 2011 the scoring system was changed to it's current format (see bottom).  By 2012, the regatta had attracted 16-crews from Ohio and Michigan; a 60% growth in 2-years.  In 2013 we were honored to host teams from Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

Following the 2012 regatta, the school and booster club decided the event needed to change to an invitational.  Additional teams could not be accomodated on the grounds and course without upgrades.  Not wanting to diminish the quality of event, crew participation was limited to 15.  In 2014, the event's name changed to the St. Mary's Prep Laddie Cup in honor of Coach Jack 'Laddie' LeBlanc who coached at St. Mary's from 1976 to 1996, and was Head Coach from 1979 to 1996.

The event is the weekend prior to the Midwest Championship and 2-weeks prior to the State of Michigan Championship.  This allows for crews to fine tune, make adjustments, prior to the Championhips.

Regatta Point System

Event 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
8+ 30 25 20
4+ 20 15 10
2x 10 8 6