Hoover Invitational

  • Hosted By: Westerville Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

4/19/09: See race video on www.CoachMeSports.com

Thank you for attending the 2009 Hoover Invitaional!

Here are the results.  They have been submitted to RC and willbe under the results link shortly.


4/16/09: Heat sheets are up.  There are final only events that list 12:00 as the time.  This is not correct.   The finals will run accordingly beginning at 4:00pm.

  4/15/09: COACHES:

The first race will be at 8:15 (instead of 8:30)

Coach & Cox meeting will be at 7:15 (instead of 7:30)

Finals are scheduled to begin at 4:00pm

Heat sheets will be available Thrusday afternoon.

We have a FULL day of racing and are asking that you please instruct your crews to go on first call so that we can stay on time.  First call will be 40 minutes prior to race time.

PLEASE make sure that your coxswains know how to back into a start platform and also know how to have 2 and 3 scull.

There will be a one hour Friday night weigh in period from 6 - 7pm.

Address to plug in to your GPS: 135 S Sunbury Rd, Westerville, OH 43081New this year is a fully buoyed seven lane race course.Food Trailers:The smaller parking lot just south of the Regatta headquarters will be reserved for Food trailer only. Food trailers may also park at the Walnut/Sunbury lot (south end).Boat Trailers:Boat trailers will park at the Walnut/Sunbury lot (north end). Please pull in and aim your truck top the right, then back into the lot. We will be parking all trailers at an angle 8 feet apart. There will be no boat prep on any of the parking lots.There will be a parking attendant on hand to assist you. Once the Walnut/Sunbury lot is full (usually around 8:00pm on Friday), please continue north for about 300 meters and park at the boat ramp lot. PLEASE park trailers eight feet apart! Otherwise we will may not be able to fit all the trailers! There is no boat prep allowed on the pavement of the lots. Please move boats directly to the grass to rig. Our permit could be in jeopardy if this happens again. We greatly appreciate your cooperation!Spectator Parking:There will be a drop off zone to drop off rowers and supplies at the curb lanes just north and south of the Walnut light at Sunbury. NO PARKING along this area. It will be marked. They City of Westerville has allowed parking along the curb lanes north and south bound. Please be aware of the fire hydrant on the southbound side. They will be marked. Anyone parking within 10 ft of a fire hydrant ABSOLUTELY WILL BE TOWED. We will be running three shuttles. Designated parking spots are the dam parking lot first, then once that is full, please proceed north to Windsor Bay shopping center (Sears). The shuttles will begin running there as soon as the dam lots are full.We have no running water or electricity.Bel Lago restaurant will be selling box lunches. Caribou Coffee will have coffee and cookies for sale.

  • NEW: A fully buoyed 7 lane race course!
  • Start platforms for accurate starting and timing.
  • A third dock
  • More PA speakers


  The schedule listed is the order of events for heats and finals.  If there is a final only event, that event will run during the morning heat schedule and will not run during the afternoon. Final only events are typically the lightweight events and quads events.

Bel Lago Bistro Restaurant: will open at 10:00am on Saturday for breakfast!  Bel Lago is right on Hoover near the starting line.  Enjoy coffe and breakfast while watching the starts. Bel Lago will also be offering lunch regatta specials.  They are sponcoring the regatta shuttle vans.  The shuttles will be making regular stops at Bel Lago throught the day.

Vending: No vending is permited from visiting teams.  That includes the sale of apparel, jewelry, etc.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.