Quaker City Masters Regatta

  • Hosted By Fairmount Rowing Association
  • USRowing Registered

REGATTA BULLETIN download the pdf

Regatta date: Saturday, August 6, 2016.

Location: The Schuylkill River Rowing Course, Kelly Drive, Philadelphia, PA.

Entry Deadline: Entries, entry fees and competitor waivers are due on Sunday, July 24, 2016. After that date, entries will be accepted at the discretion of the regatta committee on a 'lane available' basis.

Host Organization:  The Fairmount Rowing Association, www.fairmountrowing.org

Mailing Address: Should not need this as all registration should be done on Regatta Central, and this is now a USRowing Registered regatta, so we will accept the USRowing electronic waiver.  

Quaker City Masters Regatta
c/o Fairmount Rowing Association

#2 Boathouse Row
Kelly Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Questions: Contact: Margo Angelopoulos, Fairmount Rowing Association

  regatta@fairmountrowing.org          203-314-0721           

Regatta Headquarters: The Canoe Club parking lot and the Fairmount boathouse. Registration will open at 7:00 am at each site. The Canoe Club site will remain open all day. The Fairmount Boathouse site will close at 11:30AM. All competitors must stop by before racing to check in and get their shirt. Heat sheet­­­s will also be available.


Coach and coxswains meeting: There will be a meeting at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning at the Canoe Club parking lot to review any scratches and schedule changes. All crews will be responsible for any information discussed at that meeting.

Course: The racecourse runs from the St. Joseph’s boathouse to the grandstand on the famed Schuylkill River. There will be six non-buoyed lanes, and stake boats at the starting line.

Boat Traffic Pattern: Traffic on the Schuylkill goes upstream on the west bank of the river, and downstream on the east bank. Crews launching from the City dock, which is now about two hundred yards downriver from the Canoe Club and Gillen Boathouse (east side) should paddle up the east side through Strawberry Mansion Bridge and then cross to the west bank on the upstream side of the bridge. Warm-up area is between Strawberry and the Twin Stone Bridges. Crews are advised not to go above the Twin Stone Bridges as there are submerged boulders there. Crews launching from Boathouse Row should be aware of the waterfall on the west bank across from the boathouses.

Upon finishing the race, crews should paddle through Columbia Bridge. If coming back to the City dock, cross the river to the west bank, paddle back through the bridge and past Peter’s Island. You may cross back to the east side when there is not a race coming down and then proceed in lane 0 to the  dock. If you think you may have won the race, wait downstream of Columbia for the officials to inform you, then paddle through the bridge to the grandstand dock. After collecting your awards, again paddle downstream through the Columbia Bridge. Then cross over to the west bank for the return trip to the dock.

Racing format: We will use a finals-only format, with awards to the winners of each race.

Awards:  Quaker City Masters Regatta beer glasses will be awarded
to first place finishers in each race. Winners will be informed on the water as soon as the handicaps are figured in. The winning crew should pull into the awards dock at the grandstand to receive their award.

Racing Schedule: The Regatta Committee retains the right to alter the regatta schedule by the addition or elimination of races or combining of age categories as necessary to conform to the number and pattern of entries received.

For your planning purposes: We plan to start races 6 minutes apart. Note that each event can have multiple races depending on the entries.

After the entry deadline, heat sheets will be posted on www.boathouserow.org and Regatta Central.

Age handicaps: Age handicaps published in the USRowing 2016 edition of the Rules of Rowing will be applied in races that combine age categories. Single-age category races will not be handicapped. Handicaps will be applied at the finish line.

Definitions: A master is a competitor who has attained or will attain the age of 21 during 2016.  AA = 21-26; A = 27-35; B = 36-42; C = 43-49; D = 50-54; E = 55-59; F = 60-64; G = 65-69; H = 70-74; I = 75-79; J = 80 and over. Average age of the crew determines eligibility. The age category of a masters crew shall be determined by the average age of the crew, rounded down to the highest contained integer. Time handicaps will be applied in any masters event that combines two or more categories. A competitor's age is determined as of December 31, 2016.

Any line-up changes on race day must be reported to Regatta Headquarters at least two hours prior to race time in order to compute the age handicap.  You will need to fill out a change card. Line-up changes prior to race day may be done online through Regatta Central.

Coxswains:  Can be any age or sex. But yes, they must be registered entrants.

Mixed crews: Mixed crews shall be composed of an equal number of men and women.

Recreational Singles: Class 1 boats are 19 ft. 0 in. maximum length, 40 lbs. minimum weight. Example: Alden Ocean Shell. Class 2 boats are 22 ft. 0 in. maximum length, 38 lbs. minimum weight. Examples: Maas Aero, Martin Trainer, Alden Star. Class 3 boats are 25 ft. 2 in. maximum length, 38 lbs. minimum weight. Examples: Maas 24, Vespoli Comp. A single shell that is longer than 25 ft. 2 in. or that weighs less than 38 lbs. is not considered recreational. Length is measured bow to stern, along the deck, excluding the bow ball, if fitted. Weight is measured on a dry, fully rigged boat, excluding electronics, safety and personal gear.

Weigh-ins: Lightweight men shall weigh no more than 160 lbs. Lightweight women shall weigh no more than 130 lbs.

Weigh-ins will be held starting at 7:00 am the morning of the Regatta and continue all day at the Canoe Club. Competitors can weigh-in at either the Canoe Club parking lot or the Fairmount boathouse. Weigh-ins at the Fairmount Boathouse will end at 11:30AM.

Entries: All entries this year will be done through Regatta Central. Visit www.regattacentral.com to register. You can call them at 614-360-2922  with any questions. Since this is now a USRowing Registered Regatta, we will accept the USRowing electronic waiver, also available on Regatta Central.

All waivers must be completed before racing.

If fewer than two entries are received or if all the entries are from the same club, at the discretion of the regatta committee, the event may be scratched. Clubs will be notified of scratched events.

No competitor may represent two different clubs in the regatta. Boats composed of members from various clubs should register as composite crews on RegattaCentral.  Instructions for entering a composite crew can be found under the “News” tab on the Quaker City Masters Regatta page on RegattaCentral.

Entry fees: Each participant must pay a registration fee of $60. Each registrant will receive a regatta shirt, and may enter an unlimited number of races.

Fees are non-refundable after July 27, 2016. All fees will be paid through Regatta Central.

Late Entries: After July 27, entries will be accepted at the discretion of the regatta committee on a 'lane available' basis. To request a late entry, send an e-mail to regatta@fairmountrowing.org.

Scratch fees: Entry fees will be refunded if the scratches are made before July 27, 2016. Those scratching after that time will forfeit their entry fees.  

Heat Sheets: Will be posted on the internet a few days before the race and may be subsequently updated. Competitors are advised to print out a heat sheet prior to arrival at the regatta.

Lunch: Unfortunately, thanks to the City of Philadelphia, we are no longer able to serve lunch at the regatta site. We tried something different last year, and it did not work out as we would have liked. On top of that, we heard many complaints. For this reason, we are suggesting that you bring whatever food you will need to get through the regatta. We will not be serving lunch.

Post-race Reception: All competitors and volunteers are invited to join us at the Fairmount boathouse for pizza, beer, and soft drinks, beginning after the last race is completed. Come fill up your new Quaker City pint glass with ale from Philadelphia Brewing Company

Results: Complete regatta results will be posted on the Schuylkill Navy website at www.boathouserow.org. The regatta uses RaceDay regatta management software and the Finish Lynx system, which provides photos of the finish.

Bow markers & bow balls: No shell may launch without a bow ball and no shell may race without its appropriate lane number affixed to its bow. We ask crews to bring their own set of bow markers.

Uniforms: All crews must wear matching shirts. 'Matching,” means identical in style, color, and detail, including any insignia. Composite crew members should race in their respective club colors.

Dispute resolution: All questions of eligibility, qualification, or interpretation of the regatta rules will be referred to the Regatta Committee whose decisions will be final.

Protests:  Referees should be notified on the water if a crew has a protest. Note however that protests also have to be put in writing at registration when the crew is back on land.

Photographs:  Photographs of the regatta will be posted on: www.fairmountrowing.org.