Festival Regatta

  • Hosted By: Merrimac River Rowing Association

FINAL RACE DAY Heat Sheets and Schedule are now posted.

Waivers are required before you can row. Do them now On Line and save time at registration. Here is the link.

Here are some important notes:

  • The number of entries is over 200 this year
  • For the safety  of all competitors, we have limited racing to 5 lanes maximum due to low water.  The water shallows up  and there is a rock hazard (300m before the finish) adjacent to the starboard side of lane 6.
  • There will be safety buoys where there are hazards.
  • We have made changes to deal with the capacity and time issues.
  • To make the regatta run on time we will need your help.
  • The Regatta starts at 7:30AM
  • Coaches & Coxswains Meeting at 6:45AM
  • Pay attention to the schedule.
  • Crews need to get to the start on time.
  • The intervals between races (flights) are shorter due to the number of races.
  • Where possible we have combined events into a single race (flight).
  • Where there are two events in a race, winners for each event will medal.
  • Note on the heat sheets where combined events are scheduled.
  • Some events are run out of numerical order. Check your race time.

Click HERE for the RACE DAY Heat Sheets. (7 pages)

Click HERE for schedule. (1 page)