The Hoover

  • Hosted By: Westerville Rowing Club
  • 2017 Registered Regatta


UPDATED EVENT SCHEDULE - 4/20/2017 (Includes FINALS where no preliminary heat is run)

Heat Sheets on - 4/20/2017 (Includes FINALS where no preliminary heat is run)


  • 1:32 PM - Women's Varsity 8+ FINAL
  • 1:42 PM - Women's JV 8+ FINAL
  • 1:52 PM - Women's Novice 4+ FINAL
  • 2:02 PM - Men's Novice 4+ FINAL
  • 2:32 PM - Women's Varsity 4+ FINAL
  • 2:42 PM - Women's JV 4+ FINAL
  • 2:52 PM - Women's Novice 8+ FINAL
  • 3:20 PM - Men's Lightweight 4+ FINAL

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Coxswain Meeting - 8:00 AM at the Walnut Street Shelter House

Coxswains meeting is at 8:00 am. at the Walnut Street Shelter House. Heats will begin at 9:00 am. The schedule that is posted is just tentative, however the order of events will not change.

Weigh-ins for Lightweight Rowers - Honor System

Weigh-ins will begin at 6:00am on Saturday. All boats must weigh in together as a boat. There is no time restriction on weighing in. Coxswains do not need to weigh in. We will also have a ONE HOUR weigh in window on Friday evening from 5:00 – 6:00pm. It is recommended that boats weigh in as early as possible in order to allow for rehydration.

Lightweight: Men’s: 150 lbs. Women’s: 130 lbs.

Rowers will not be required to weigh-in unless there is a challenge.


We are happy to offer The Hoover Preferred Hotels through EMC Venues.

EMC Venues Official Event Hotel Website 



Please email the Regatta Coordinator at for more information about becoming a vendor for the regatta.

Regatta Vendor Application