Heart of Texas

  • Hosted By: Austin Rowing Club
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

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Important times and deadlines:

Late Entry Deadline via Regatta Central: Today, Tuesday February 28th, 11:59pm

After today any line-up changes, scratches or late entries can be made at the registration tent beginning Friday, March 3rd from 3-6pm.  No late entries will be accepted on race days.

Practice: 2pm-6pm on Friday. No other practice times are available. Referees will be located on the course and at the stakeboats to help crews with the art of backing into the stakeboat. Here is a video to get you started. Lanes 2, 3, 4 and 5 are available for practice with lanes 1, 6 and 7 empty.

Coaches and Coxswains meeting: Saturday & Sunday 6:15 am


Parking will be a point of emphasis for 2017. Coaches, please pass this email along to your boosters and parents so everyone is aware of the parking guidelines.

  • Anyone found to be parked on the grass will immediately be towed at the owners expense
  • Cargo trailers are not allowed to be parked within the inner circle of the venue and are not allowed to be parked on the grass
  • Crews will be allowed within the venue for Friday to unload and Saturday morning until 5:30am, all vehicles that are not trailer tow vehicles will need to be removed by 5:30am or risk being towed. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the inner venue for loading until the conclusion of racing on Sunday.
  • All trailer tow vehicles will be required to have a permit that can be picked up at registration from 3-6pm on Friday. No tow vehicles will be allowed into the inner venue after 6:30am on both Saturday and Sunday even in you possess a permit. Once launching has begun boat traffic within the venue is a priority
  • When parking your trailer and tow vehicle please be mindful of those around you and park so others have plenty of room.

Heads up: The Austin Parks Foundation will be facilitating a project along Nash Hernandez and in the parking lot adjacent to the abandon building. Traffic on Nash Hernandez will be heavier than normal on Friday and the parking lot will not be available for parking on Friday and Saturday. Please be aware and exercise patience.


  • Knowledge of backing into stake boats is critical. Coaches please ensure that your athletes are well versed in this process. This is vital to keeping the regatta running on time.
  • Equipment – First major regatta of the season…referees will be checking foot stretchers and bow balls. Give your equipment a quick check.


NO PAPER WAVERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Coaches, please have athletes check their waiver status. They can go online to check the status of their waiver. There are still over 200 athletes with unsigned waivers with the waiver deadline is tonight at 11:59pm. The majority of these are junior athletes where a parent will need to sign the online waiver.

Predicted Weather: Lows in the upper 50’s to low 60’s and highs in the low to mid 70’s. Showers are expected on Saturday. Zip code for checking weather updates is 78701.


Austin Rowing Club hosted the first annual Heart of Texas regatta on March 19, 1983 using a three lane 1500 meter course that ran from MOPAC bridge eastward to Lamar Blvd. Nine universities from five states competed for honors as well as ARC. ARC had to borrow boats from the universities in order to enter certain events, as the club only owned two eights at the time.

By 1994, the Heart of Texas grew to 60 events with 230 entries and expanded to two days of racing. By 2003 the regatta moved to Austin's Festival Beach in order to accommodate an increasingly large attendance from across the State and the entire Southwest region. By 2013 the race consisted of over 1,400 competitors.

From milk jugs used to mark the course in 1984 to the fully buoyed and professional lanes of today, ARC has carefully studied, invested in and improved the experience for all racers each year. The words of Austin's former Mayor Frank Cooksey (1986) still apply today-- "I wish all the athletes success in your racing and hope that you will continue to return in the years to come. May you always have smooth waters."